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Thread: Learning hardware...

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    Learning hardware...

    how do you started learning assembling your computers and learn about hardware?

    i'm a newbie to computer, what i can do only taking components out like ram and hard disk and plug it back nothing more than that... i hope i would be able to know more hardware stuffs...

    what's the best route to learn? buy a book ?

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    There are many different ways to learn about computers and hardware. Some people could teach themselves, with the aid of books, and of course an old computer to practice on, others may begin at school these days, and go on to college and or university. .computer assembly, repair and maintenance is also a hobby for many others.
    If you search the internet you will find many sources of information, and tutorials on the subjects you are interested in, also obtain some old equipment to practice on, the more the better
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    i have been in those hardware forums for quite a long time.. hmm i only know how to set jumpers on hdd master/slave... take out rams...

    the terms they use... like voltage blah blah... and how they compare graphics cards... which one is the best value for...

    i have a old amd k7 600mhz system

    been upgrading my computers part by part... buying new ram sticks... buying a new gfx card, a hard disk to my computer ... what i can do only plug them in...

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    There are two really good ways to learn about hardware. The best of which is to start from scratch and build your own pc. Go to diff sites and compare values, specs, etc. Try www.tomshardware. www.mwave.com www.pricewatch for prices on things. Then buy and build.

    If you want to learn about terms and specs, google for them. Like differant kinds of RAM http://computer.howstuffworks.com/ram4.htm

    Oh yeah, go out and buy you an A+ certification book and read it. It will cost you 30 dollars. That will pretty much teach you all the in depth stuff. And if you are really serious, pluck up 100 to take the test and get certified.

    If you want to screw around and see what you can and can't do with hardware, go to a college or university and ask for their surplus, say you are a student and are doing computer archive research.

    Then you can try learning about obsoulete hardware...(I promise it is fun).

    Just a few ideas, all of which will help you one way or another.
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    Best way to learn about hardware.. like software.. make mistakes.. the more mistakes you make the more you learn....

    That is not a joke.. Yes.. listen to the advice above.. Yes get a box to play with.. be prepared to blow a few bits.. that is why you don't use your main machine initially.. But read tutorials.. Go to the Hardware help sites and read up on others problems.. another i would recommend is www.virtualdr.com yes it is Jupmedia site.. but you will find that OS, Application and Hardware are covered.. You will find that answers to some of the problems you encounter will be a bit of everything.. ... Also comb the tutorials on this site.. there are some good tuts that will help you..

    But most importantly be prepared to make some mistakes..

    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    If you are serious about learning computers, how they work and fixing them. You might want to look into getting an A+ certification. Any A+ book you get will teach you about computers from the beginning.

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    i learned alot about hardware today... i knew nothing before lol

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    I knew comp hardw iniatialy when i start my first year in university.
    The key is knowing vocabulary (words) that use in hardware, this is my experience.
    At the first time i dont know what the memory, procesor, hard drive, motherboard and so on..
    then i ask my friends, buy some magazines that related with computer hardware. Base on that i try to 'touch' those things. The habit and desire to know more about computer makes me familiar with them.
    I consider that need much time to know more abot computer hardware and another thing also.
    The knowledge of computer (hardware and software) so dynamic, then i think cant mastering all of that ,,i have to focusing on some subjects that i love for instance hardware or networking.

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    ill have to agree get a A+ cd or book, you can get it at your local bookstore , or local libary, or try www.amazon.com . Also i would like to add that, their nothing better that hands on learning. Get some cheep computers from a surplus, yard Sale, Salvation Army, maybe a friend has an old whant thats just occupaing space. But don't forgtet to have a fully working computer so that if you get stuck and need help you cuold ask here or search in other places to try to get the asnswers.

    Good luck with your learning expirience

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