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Thread: Internet Explorer 6.0 Or Netscape?

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    Internet Explorer 6.0 Or Netscape?

    Hello everyone.
    Firstly i'd like to say what a friendly community you have here.
    I've only been a member here for a few days, but everyone that i've talked to so-far have been so helpful.

    Anyhow i've only recently got connected to the Internet. And i found this site by accident, but i took a look around and decided that since i know nothing about computers, i thought that this would be the best place to learn.
    Anyhow i've got a small problem, i'm currently using an old webbrowser, Internet Explorer 4.0
    And i want to upgrade to the newest Browser, but i'm having trouble deciding on what i should purchase..
    Internet Explorer 6.0 Or Netscape 7.2...
    My friend says i should go with Internet Explorer, but my Brother says i should get Netscape.
    So i thought that since you guys and gals would probably know better, i am asking for your advice, as i do not want to hand over the money and realise that i could have purchased something of better quality.
    So could someone or anyone please help me...

    Thanking you in advance

    P.s : Don't know if this helps imy computer has got win95. But i do have the Win98Se install disk in the draw i'm just waiting for my Brother to come and install it for me..

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    Why not go for the free browser FireBird: http://www.mozilla.org/products/firebird/why/

    I just started using this one and I love it!


    Not sure if that will be compatible with 95 though.

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    I use mozilla because it has popup blocker, open source and it works on a variety of platforms such as windows, linux, freebsd, solaris and many others
    you can get it at http://www.mozilla.org/

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    If you're looking to choose from only the 2 you listed, I can add this bit of info for you...

    Not sure about Netscape, but IE you can download for free from Microsoft at the following address:



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    Not sure if that will be compatible with 95 though.
    Firebird seems to be doing ok on Windows 95. I have an old pc on my countertop in the basement running Windows 95. I installed Firebird and it seems to be doing well. Hooray!
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    Hehe... Good deal, just wanted to make sure.

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    Thankyou all for your valuable information.
    I am currently looking into your suggestions one at a time.
    And i didn't realise that there would be so many choices to make, i was lead to believe that i only had 2 choices..
    Now this is going to make it difficult to choose.

    Allwell i will survive.

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    I actually prefer Netscape.7.0
    I've tried other Browsers but i've had no problems with it so far..
    It beats IE anyday of the week.



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    How about opera www.opera.com its about the fastes browser for a windows platform and linux (except links and lynx)
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    Two things:

    1) Regardless of what browser you chose, upgrade your IE.
    Reason: Numerous extremely serious vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer leave your computer at risk. Why? Microsoft in their infinite wisdom has made IE part of their kernel. Bug in IE? Congratulations, you are on as system..

    2) Mozilla/Netscape (pretty much the same thing, some minor differences). I recommend using this, primary reasons: 1) not part of kernel 2) pop-up blockers 3) tab browsing (multiple tabs to look at web pages instead of multiple windows)

    There are unfortunately people who develop web pages and applets that follow only the M$ mantra, and do not follow standards (like the java standard). In this situation, only IE will work (which is why I said to upgrade it), perfect example is Windows update (microsoft checks the User-Agent: field and will refuse to run if it doesn't match one of their browsers). However, it will work fine in most places.

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