I just wanted to hear what people's point of view is on this .. Cause personally I dont believe in Evolution ...
Here are some reasons why ..
-- The once so-called Nebraska man was later re-analyzed and found to be Nebraska Pig. The piece of evidence found was lacking in integrity as only one tooth was found. Later, more of the skeleton was found and it was indeed the skeleton of a pig.
-- Does 'Lucy' prove evolution? For that to be true the truth would be stretched extremely thin. Not even a complete skeleton was found, only a few pieces. Furthermore, her bones strongly suggest that she was nothing more than a knuckle-walking tree-dweller, not an upright man-like ape.
-- Those convinced of evolution, the theory contradicts many laws of science. The second Law of Thermodynamics is clearly violated as evolution says that everything began as simple forms and gradually evolved into more complex ones. But as that law states, everything tends to disorder.
-- Some arguments for evolution is that if you give it enough time anything could happen. [ Since Evolution's best and only friend is Time.] But unbeknownst to most, evolution doesn't have enough time. Billions or trillions of years is not even close to how much time would be needed. Rick Ramashing and Sir Fred Hoyle calculated the probability for one cell to evolve by chance. The atheist/agnostic team found to their disbelief that it is 1 chance in 10 to the 40,000th power years just for one cell to evolve. They were quoted as saying "Is it likely for a tornado to sweep through a junkyard and produce a boeing 747 complete and ready to fly than to produce the cell." Does evolution have enough time? No of course evolution will never have enough time.
There is so much more that I have read about it that just makes me think. "Man are they ever wrong."
Evolution is like a vail, layed before your eyes to hide you from knowing the truth . I believe that we were created by God. And not by random chance and that we were created with a purpose. Evolution is like saying that your roller skates over time will evolve into a car. I dont think so not gonna happen.

Evolution teaches us that the Earth is billions of billions years old well read below maybe you might have a change of mind ...

Processes that Indicate a Young Earth

A significant amount of research has been accumulated which suggests that the earth and solar system are relatively young and not ancient as evolutionists have assumed. The following processes are usually selectively screened out by evolutionists because they indicate a relatively young age for the earth and solar system and thereby deprive them of their evolutionary time frame.

The Earth's Magnetic Field

The strength of the earth's magnetic field has been measured for well over a century. This provides scientists with exceptionally good records. In an important recent study, Thomas G. Barnes has shown that the strength of the earth's magnetic field is decaying exponentially at a rate corresponding to a half-life of 1,400 years. That is to say, 1,400 years ago the magnetic field of the earth was twice as strong as it is now. If we extrapolate back as far as 10,000 years, we find that the earth would have had a magnetic field as strong as that of a magnetic star! This is, of course, highly improbable, if not impossible. Thus, based on the present decay rate of the earth's magnetic field, 10,000 years appears to be an upper limit for the age of the earth.

Keep in mind that any objections to this conclusion must be based on rejection of the same uniformitarian assumption that evolutionists utilize to derive a great age for the earth.

In defense of their long-age chronology, evolutionists have proposed a reversal hypothesis. They suggest that the earth's magnetic field has remained relatively stable throughout geologic time, except for certain intervals in which it went through a reversal, dying down to zero and rising up again with the reverse polarity. The last such reversal is alleged to have occurred about 700,000 years ago.

Unfortunately for evolutionary scientists, the reversal hypothesis has absolutely no valid scientific theoretical basis. Furthermore, rock magnetization cannot be used to support these so-called reversals because there is a self-reversal process known to exist in rocks, completely independent of the earth's magnetic field.

Finally, it is believed that the earth's magnetic field is due to circulating electric currents in its core. If we extrapolate backward about 20,000 years, we find that the estimated heat produced by the currents would have melted the earth. Clearly, the testimony of the earth's magnetic field is strongly in favor of a relatively young earth, not an ancient one.

The Mississippi River Delta

The Mississippi River delta offers additional evidence to support the concept of a relatively young earth. Approximately 300 million cubic yards of sediment are deposited into the Gulf of Mexico by the Mississippi River each year. By carefully studying the volume and rate of accumulation of the Mississippi River Delta and then dividing the weight of the sediments deposited annually into the total weight of the delta, it can be determined that the age of the delta is about 4,000 years old.

Petroleum and Natural Gas

Petroleum and natural gas are contained at high pressures in underground reservoirs by relatively impermeable cap rock. In many cases, the pressures are extremely high. Calculations based on the measured permeability of the cap rock reveal that the oil and gas pressures could not be maintained for much longer than 10,000 years in many instances. Thus, the assumption that such fossil-fuel deposits have been confined for millions of years, having not leaked out through their cap rock, becomes preposterous.

Furthermore, recent experiments have demonstrated conclusively that the conversion of marine and vegetable matter into oil and gas can be achieved in a surprisingly short time. For example, plant-derived material has been converted into a good grade of petroleum in as little as twenty minutes under the proper temperature and pressure conditions. Wood and other cellulosic material have also been converted into coal or coal-like substances in just a few hours. These experiments prove that the formation of coal, oil and gas did not necessarily require millions of years to form as uniformitarian geologists have assumed and taught.

Creationists believe that the great coal deposits of the world are the transported and metamorphosed remains of the extensive vegetation of the antediluvian world. This catastrophic interpretation is further supported by the presence of polystrate fossils in coal beds which indicate rapid formation. Also, the type of plants involved and the texture of these deposits testify of turbulent waters, not a stagnant swamp.

Evolutionists propose that coal was formed millions of years before man evolved. However, human skeletons and artifacts, such as intricately structured gold chains, have been found in coal deposits. In Genesis 4 we learn that metalworking was already highly developed;
Tubal-cain was an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron. In Genesis 7 and 8, the Deluge later buried the antediluvian civilizations in sedimentary layers of the earth's crust.

The Rotation of the Earth

The rotation of the earth is gradually slowing due to the gravitational drag forces of the sun, moon and other factors. If the earth is billions of years old, as uniformitarian geologists insist, and it has been slowing down uniformly, then its present rotation should be zero! Furthermore, if we extrapolate backward for several billion years, the centrifugal force would have been so great that the continents would have been sent to the equatorial regions and the overall shape of the earth would have been more like a flat pancake. But, as is commonly known, the shape of the earth is spherical; its continents are not confined to the equatorial regions, and it continues to rotate on its axis at approximately 1,000 mph at the equator. The obvious conclusion is that the earth is not billions of years old.