Long live the evolution theory of life. Sorry, i don't think that
what is written in a religous book is a record of creation. If GOD
created us all with his magic wand, why did he stop at humans??
We are all organisms from eons ago that have evolved into what
we are today. Ask an entomologist his/her opinion of evolution
and how insects have evolved to adapt to their environment and
how evolution itself has weeded out the weaker species, regardless
of his/her faith. All life form was never made by GOD, enviromental
conditions, food supply, and most importantly "evolution" is the great
creater of life. just my opinion.

The Ape-Man Similarity is A Fabrication
I don't know how you can poossibly say this, how many humans have you
seen that resemble apes???? I sure as hell have seen a few, the similarities
are too obvious to ignore.