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    JavaScript Question

    My teacher asked me to post a question about javascript hope you can help.
    He's wanting a window type prompt box to pop up in the middle of the screen i need to know if theres a property's command to center like in Visual. I know its kind of an open ended question but i dont know what im talking about im just helping out my teacher.

    Any info would be appreciated.


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    var variableName = prompt("Message", "default value in the text field");

    This should do what you want, not sure if you can adjust the screen positioning, google the 'prompt' function in javascript and maybe you can find some more details.

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    Point them to http://developer.netscape.com.

    Complete references to all kinds of web related languages, including Javascript.

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    Here's a nice script I found that's not only CSS customizable, but you can adjust width/height and position on the screen:


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