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Thread: mIRC proxy quesiton

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    mIRC proxy quesiton

    Hi, can anyone help me figure out how to configure my mIRC proxy? I see where it list socks4&5 and then just proxy, but it also asks for a password. How can I get this to work properly? I have googled the hell out of this, but I keep coming across pay sites and unclear info. Have any of you properly configured your mIRC proxies to hide you're real ip before?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is bugging the hell out of me. I know how to use web proxies, but those aren't necessarily socks4 or 5 are they? Where can I grab a free list of socks4 and 5 proxies or at least regular proxies that will work in mIRC.


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    I posted this same question on another board and the person is telling me that you will mostly be kicked off irc channels for trying to use proxies. Is that entirely true?

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    Yes on most servers they do a scan to see if you are using a proxy and if you are they will kill the connection I know they did that on Dalnet and a few other servers, some servers don't care if you use them or not

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    Well on UnderNet you don't really need a proxy unless you're in trouble with some IRCOps or otherwise are K-Lined from some servers. Because if you have a username you can login and /mode nickname +x and it will hide your IP address as [note: if using mIRC it's best to put the login and /mode commands before the /j #channel so when you join a channel your real IP doesn't show up. this doesn't work - at least I haven't gotten it working - if you used the 'auto-join on connect' feature for channels]

    done ranting!

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