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Thread: Free E-mail

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    Free E-mail

    I found some E-mail providers online and i thought hmmmmmm, lets get people away from hotmail and show them there are more options. So here you go, web sites with lists of free email and so on:



    Happy hunting
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    www.cyberspace.org (and a free bbs)
    and an old one www.cheese.com
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    this isnt a free email service, but a free email forwarding service. Just thought it should be shared, they have some funny stuff there. Just sign up and itll direct everything to your email adress. enjoy http://datapimp.com/descemail.php
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    Datapimp you can get some good pimped out accounts, I once signed up for a couple hundred of those As far as free email is concerned, the best I've found staying clear of M$/MSN/Hotmail is honestly Yahoo. Most space, options, free virus scanner for files (not that I don't do my own scanning), options, etc...you get the point.


    (on a side note, most of the online comp. security forums have a place where you can create your own email, like Star****ers@blackcode.com [I never looked to see if AO has this]

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    http://hushmail.com <-- my fave supports encryption

    They are free options on both of these sites
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    Very true prodikal I would have to say that hushmail is the best.. It also has it's own Messenger program which uses really good encryption. The only problem is that to be able to talk to anyone with it they also have to have a hushmail account and the program installed on their computer as well.
    You can either get a free account which is good enough. Or you can pay for one.
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