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Thread: Spybot-S&D and Antionline.com

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    Spybot-S&D and Antionline.com

    Alright this has started to happen to me ever since i downloaded Spybot Search and Destroy and it is starting to bother me so i am now asking for an explination. Whenever i am surf through antionline's pages, i get a message titled Spybot-S&D Resident saying that Spybot-S&D has blocked the download of "Avenue A, Inc."! I then click on the "ok" box because thats the only one there is and it goes away and i continue surfing antionline. Anyways my question is what is the Avenue A thing thats on Antionline??? I am sure there are many other users of Spybot Search And Destroy out there and i wonder if any of them get the same message i get when i am surfing AO...Anyways if someone could explain to me why this is happening i would appriciate it.
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    I did some research in Google and i found aout that they are a Advertisment agency www.avenuea.com . Maybe JM carri some of the banners from them.

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    Graphictron is absoluetly right, tech tv has the same thing which is this avenue A is an advertising agency but dont complain about it too much because what SpyBot is doing is just blocking some annoying advertising. So there is nothing to worry about unless you want to purchase something from one of AO's sponsors.
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    Ita a tracking cookie in an add by the avenua company, they don't even track the cookies anymore, youcan tell spybot to silenly block pages and it will stop prompting you.
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    Not sure but, maybe their add software is installed somewhere in your comp or registries. Run adaware to see whats going on. I used spybot and its never happened to me.

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    You have to turn on the Spybot protection (immunize) and use IE to get the message.
    I get the same message when I use that combo, I don't otherwise.

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    I get the same thing when I come to AO.
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