Here are some really good links that I found.
Hope that you guys like them. I will give a description of what can be found on the sites ... Well it took me forever to cut and paste some of the web addresses... But it was worth it .. Enjoy !!!

Free Linux and Unix Book Chapters from O'Reilly - Chapters here include these:
- Basic Shell Programming
- UML Activity Diagrams and Use Case Diagrams
- Red Hat and Debian Package Managers
- Managing & Using MySQL: Java
- NFS and NIS: Debugging Network Problems
- RAID on Linux: Planning and Architecture
- Installing PostgreSQL
- Programming with Qt:Container Classes
- Linux TCP/IP and Upgrading Software and the Kernel
- Linux TCP/IP Firewall
- The Linux Ext2 and Ext3 Filesystems
- SAN Backup and Recovery

Free Networking Book Chapters from O'Reilly - Chapters here include these:
- 802.11 Wireless Network Deployment
- Simple Network Management Protocol
- Cisco Debugging Access Lists
- DNS and BIND Security
- Ethernet: Multi-Segment Configuration Guidelines
- IP Routing: Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)
- The Structure of the IPv6 Protocol
- Email and LDAP
- Network Troubleshooting Path Characteristics
- Build and Install sendmail
- SSH (The Secure Shell) Case Studies and Configuration

AllFreeTech E-Books

This site contains 62 programming books, 20 operating system books, and 10 application books, including the following: XML Complete, Red Hat Linux Unleashed, UNIX Unleashed, Internet Edition, and Teach Yourself Photoshop in 14 Days. (free registration required)

Red Hat Linux Manuals
Here are Red Hat's featured free manuals: x86 Installation Guide, Getting Started Guide, System Administration Primer, Customization Guide, Reference Guide, Security Guide, and Red Hat Network User Reference Guide.

Programming, Software, Hardware Information Collection
- Books and materials covering Coding Standards, Java, JDBC, JSP, Java Beans, JavaScript, Internet Programming, Perl Programming, and Database Programming. Use guest for both username and password to access documents on this page.

The Free Rainbow Series of Computer Security Books
- These are more than 20 books published by U.S. government agencies, such as the National Security Agency and the Defense Department, covering many aspects of computer security and trusted computer systems. You can also find these books on other security sites.

Books and Learning Materials for C, C++, Visual C+
-This directory contains several good books and documents covering C and C++. Here are 3 of them: Algorithms and Data Structures in C++, C++ Programming (pdf), C# Language Reference.

Linux Documents
- This site has 8 good Linux related guides and books, here are links for 2 of them (pdf): Get Acquainted with Linux Security and Optimization System and Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours
- Certification braindumps and the following books are available for download: Learn Visual Basic 6 in 10 Weeks, Oracle Unleashed, Using Java Script, Java Script Manual of Style, Teach Yourself VB Script in 21 Days, Web Programming with Visual Basic.

Unix, Linux, System Administration and Programming
-- Here are some of the free books here: Special Edition Using Java, Special Edition Using CGI, CGI Developer's Guide, HTML 4.0 Specification, Unix Unleashed, Platinum Edition Using Visual Basic 5, Visual C++ in 12 Easy Lessons

- Free eBooks for Microsoft Reader - download these free ebooks: Perl Quick Reference, Fuzzy Systems - A Tutorial, C++ Operator Precedence. (You'll need Microsoft Reader for desktop and laptop computers.)

Index of /~biopv/manuals
- Learning manuals for C++, Perl, PHP, Python and MySQL

Mikey's Documentation Library
- Covers Oracle, Netscape and HTML Development, JavaScript, Perl Programming, and Unix books.

Miscellaneous Documentation
- The following are included on this site: Bash Reference Manual, Effective AWK Programming, CVS: Concurrent Versions System, and GNU Make.

Free Online Books from
- These are the complete books, not just the short, beginning paragraphs from Safari. Here they are:
1- High Performance Networking Unleashed
2- Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 14 Days, Second Edition
3- Using Oracle8
4- Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 21 Days, Second Edition
5- Web Programming with Perl 5
6- Java 1.1 Unleashed, Third Edition
7- Special Edition Using HTML 4, 4TH Edition
8- Presenting C#
9- Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.1 in a Week, Second Edition
10- Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 Days
11- Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, Second Edition
12- Sams Teach Yourself C in 21 Days, Fourth Edition
13- Using Visual Basic 6
14- Red Hat Linux Unleashed
- This site provides the following free ebooks: Guide to Java Programming, JavaBeans,Tricks of the Java Programming, Web Programming with Java, Perl Quick Reference, Perl 5 Unleashed,Teach Yourself CGI Programming with Perl 5, Creating Shockwave Web Pages, Web Programming Desktop Reference, and Web Programming Unleashed.

- 130 free online computer books, tutorials, lecture notes, documentations and references covering the following: C/C++ (15), Java (22), Perl (6), Python (9), Unix (4), Linux (17), Introduction to Programming (9), Object-Oriented Programming (6), Logic Programming (5), Software Development (4), Game Development (8), and Free Software / Open Source (4).

Sample Book Chapters
- Read free book chapters from these books: Professional Open Source Web Services, Professional Apache Tomcat, Professional PHP4 XML, Beginning XSLT, Beginning XML, Professional JavaScript, and many .Net books.

Free Linux Book Chapters -
- Users and Security, from Linux+ Study Guide (3.21MB)
- Connecting Linux to the Internet, from Mastering Red Hat Linux 7.1 (1.32MB)
- Web Supplement Chapter: Basic Knowledge, from Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam Notes (1,428KB)
- Installation Planning, from Red Hat Certified Engineer Study Guide (1,400KB)
- Using Applications with GNOME and X Windows, from Mastering Linux (879KB)
- Running Sendmail, from Linux Sendmail Administration (250KB)
- Creating and Maintaining User Accounts, from Linux System Administration (204KB)
- 22 Free Book Chapters available: do a search for "chapter"
- 61 Free Book Chapters covering the latest Microsoft technologies.

Visual Basic Internet Programming
- Books - Free Book Chapters are available for many books, including these: Beginning SQL Server 2000 for Visual Basic Developers, Beginning Visual Basic 6 Application Development, Introducing .NET, Beginning SQL Server 2000 for Visual Basic Developers, Visual Basic 6.0 Business Objects, Enterprise Application Architecture with VB, MTS, Beginning XML, Professional Visual Basic 6 Web Programming, Professional Visual Basic 6 XML, Beginning E-Commerce with Visual Basic, ASP.

New Free Book Chapters from Osborne
- Introducing XML Web Services and .Net Framework (48 pages)
- Basic ASP.Net Page Issues (14 pages)
- Laying Your Visual Basic .Net Foundation (64 pages)
- The Basics of JDBC Programming (52 pages)
- Overview of Oracle Databases (50 pages)
- Oracle9i DBA 101
- Oracle9i Mobil
- Advanced C# Programming
- GCC: The Complete Reference
- J2EE: The Complete Reference
- SQL: The Complete Reference, Second Edition

- This site contains books and documentation for these topics: Applications & Libraries (32), C/C++ (13), Java (4), Javascript (3), Linux (12), Lisp (4), Perl (5), Postscript (1), Unix (3), Math (9), Unix (13), WWW (38), and others.

- Books and documents covering these subjects: Security, Games, Graphics, Hardware, Internet, Linux-Unix, Networking and Programming

- Access free online computer books which are released with special permissions so that you may freely download, copy and print the books for your private use. Covers C/C++, CGI/Perl, Open Source, Linux, Python, Software Engineering, and General.

SunSite India Virtual Library
- Free Online IT Computer Books at Sunsite India covering Java, JavaScript, Perl, Unix, Linux, Windows, ActiveX, HTML, CGI, Apache, TCP/IP, CORBA, Intranets and Network Security.

- Books, guides and tutorials covering HTML, DHTML, XML, Shockwave, Perl, Java, CGI and ActiveX.

Pearson Technology Group
- Many of their books have free chapters, here are some of them: Having Windows and Linux on the Same PC, Basic TCP/IP Networking, Satellite Office Router (from Linux Routers), Application Development Using C# and .NET, Compiling for the .NET Common Language Runtime, C# Primer: A Practical Approach.

The Open Book Project
- This site includes these books: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: An introductory computer science text book using either Java, Python, or C++; Getting Down With... A collection of quick and easy tutorials on a wide range of computer science topics; Python for Fun: A collection of case studies using Python to teach programming concepts to intermediate students; and The Linux Cookbook: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use, over 1,500 time-saving recipes and hints.

I forgot to tell you some of the links like the really huge ones that are numbered you have to copy and paster them into the Address box of your web browser. Sorry if this is really a long list. Also to find some of the material you might have to browse around some of the sites just for a little while though.