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    Feds arrest Queensland youth over ISP hack


    The Australian Federal Police have arrested a 17 year old youth for allegedly hacking into a "prominent" Australian Internet service provider (ISP).

    The arrest of the youth in Brisbane follows the filing of a complaint by the as yet unnamed ISP on the 23rd of October. A statement issued by the Australian High Tech Crime centre says the investigation took less than 24 hours to resolve. The youth will face court on two counts of unauthorised access to computer systems using the telecommunications network under provision in the Criminal Code Act 1995. It is also alleged the youth gained unauthorised access to a university network in the United Kingdom.

    AHTCC director, federal agent Alastair MacGibbon, said the arrest should serve as a warning to others. "We hope this serves as a warning to others who may be contemplating this type of criminal activity," he said in a statement. "We regard computer hacking as a very serious issue and will continue working closely with Australian and international agencies to ensure the people who commit crimes of this nature face the full consequences of the law."

    It is hoped the swift arrest of the alleged offender will encourage other ISP's to come forward "quickly should they detect any unauthorised use of their systems," MacGibbon added.

    The arrest is the first of its kind under the Criminal Code Act.

    Although the exact details of the alleged offences have not yet been made public, MacGibbon said the offences were serious. "The [illegal] hacking incidents in this particular case were serious. Once the ISP involved realised a breach had occurred, they contacted us quickly and were very cooperative with providing information," he said.
    The above sentences are produced by the propaganda and indoctrination of people manipulating my mind since 1987, hence, I cannot be held responsible for this post\'s content - me


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    if u wanna commit any cyber crimes then com to india u can get away with virtually anythin (excluding credit cards) who knows that the CBI(similar to FBI in america) may give a high paying job witha car and a house
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    um... right

    Anyways, i think that it is rather pointless hacking into an ISP... usually because they dont have anything worth stealing, except other personal records. if your thinking about taking free internet etc, it wouldnt take long before they realise an account is being used without being payed for.

    If it was only for practice for stealth or something like that, practice on private computers, not some organisation that might notice and get you in trouble.... (and its a deffinate No No if you hack the ISP your currently connected with)

    As a further note, when if you hack, you really should clean up all your traces of existence.

    [just a thought, in australia you can sigh up for an internet account over the phone without any proof of identity so you could create an account that is totally false and would not lead to you (except where the connection is)... and you could use such an account for hacking]


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    if u wanna commit any cyber crimes then com to india u can get away with virtually anythin (excluding credit cards) who knows that the CBI(similar to FBI in america) may give a high paying job witha car and a house
    Actually if you commit cyber crime and attack systems in america, they will find you..
    I mean it might take them a while, but even if you go through any rogue systems, that won't stop them from contacting the owners of these systems and telling them the last network path that went through their systems...I mean yea it's a whole lot of rigamaroo to go to India to find the person responsible, but you have to think if it's really worth it in the long run.. Having your own LAN to attack is better than anything
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    I have to agree on n01100110 on this one. I doubt that there are many safe spots around the world. They will find you. U know how? The hackers that were arrested and were given job opportunites will find you.

    my 2 cent

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    actually tejaswyappalla is wrong in INDIA CBI does not handle the cases it is been handled by a seperate cyber cop department of the state police. and as for as i know the punishment is very hard and you cannot escape from law.

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    If we were in Hollywood you could whip out your handy-dandy blackmarket l337 hacker tool of doom and only be found by your archnemisis. Heh. I may try to learn hacking on my LAN but... Get admin permission first or else your boss may have "issues" with you. :

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