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Thread: XWin terminal emulator, where can i download it, if its free that is?

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    XWin terminal emulator, where can i download it, if its free that is?

    my uni uses this software called XWin to remotely log into a unix / linux workstation with a GUI without being on the actual box itself, ive googled for it and can't seem to find an 'offical' site for it to get myself a copy...

    does anyone know where i can get a copy of it, or does the client / server software come with all linux / unix distros..

    i would check myself on my own box but cant right now (my linux box is 150 clicks away in another town, i live in 2 places while at uni...)

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    you can download it from these sites


    Thats the Demo version search the site to find out more info

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    cygwin it's big (over 100MB) but it enhances your windows experience a lot !!

    and the X server works great, I use it for my X tunneling (ssh -CX) works great !!
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    You might try RealVNC, its kinda helpful when you need to port over from Linux to Windows, or Windows to Linux

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