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    I have been realizing how many views and ideas are expressed on this website. I like it, I think it is good to have many different views and ideas it creates ideas. When people get along to well there becomes a lack of individualism which then creates a lack of creativism. However, along with liking individualism I hate when people start flame wars are rip other people apart (except when truly deserved) so, I am stating here and now, I am sorry if I have flamed anyone that didn't deserve it and I want to try to make this place more of a community (much like valhallen's post about a week or so ago). I am still new and really have no right to want this but I think there is so much knowledge here that isn't always being used because the person is either on the offence of defense.

    Maybe my call to action will go unheard but I hope you all understand what I am trying to say.


    Sorry if it didn't make sense or for grammatical errors.

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    I think you hit the nail on the head. Great Point! Like you said its, nice to see both sides of the fence mixing without war. Weather your a white hat or black hat, your side of the story is unique. When you can share about some security flaw you found, someone else can elborate on it and maybe come up with a something that benefits the community. Its really nice to have a community of people that care about security. Doesn't take a genius to find some of these flaws. The point is group participation is the key. The more the people checking out the scene, the more territory that gets covered. I think of it like a pyramid. beginners being on the bottom and experts on the top. If a beginner see's somnething strange on his firewall, he may not know what to do with it. but if he passes it up to the next level, they may be able to contribute what they know in order to solve the mystery. Eventually by the time it reaches the top, its been figured out.


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