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Thread: The Heretic

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    The Heretic

    I have read The Heretic at the happyhacker.org. I thought it was a terrific read and highly recommend other people read it. Some may say it's stupid while others will love it just as I did. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone who has read this ebook can recommend other books with a similar story line to this one. As for those of you who haven't read it, read it. I will describe it to those who haven't read it so maybe they can recommend similar books. It is about this guy who would be considered a sup3r ub3r l337 h4x0r, but in the book they call him a wizard. Basically he can get the computer to do anything he wants it to do. The story is about him trying to take down some really bad people both in the real world and the cyber world. He himself used to be an FBI agent, so he can kick *** in both worlds. I know that's not a very good description, maybe I will post a quote when I get to school right now I have to go, so any other recommendations for reading are appreciated.

    I can't find a quote at school. I think they blocked happyhacker.org

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    How to own the box has some good stories I recommend it.

    I actually have a long ass story similar to that nature around somewhere I never posted it on AO though. Was never in the mode.

    I will say check the Books/reviews section. I think there is a discussion going on there that you might be able to benefit from.

    Oh and no I haven't read The Heretic. I don't like HappyHacker that much I like.

    No comment I get in this arguement alot. I will end that one there.

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    Thanks whizkid2300. I would like to hear your story if you can find it. I'll check out that other forum though. I probably should have posted this in that forum anyway. Sorry. Thanks for the book recommendation and I hope to see your story up soon. If you don't want to post it you can PM it to me. Then I'll post it(j/k). But seriously I would love to hear it.
    Thanks again

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    The blue nowhere, snow crash, and back\slash, are some good ones

    also geeks is a great read.


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