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Thread: Not exactly a bug, but buggy nonetheless

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    Not exactly a bug, but buggy nonetheless

    Your AntiPoint Assignments Have Been Unbalanced! 
    "Balance is key!" - Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid. 
    The AntiPoints System has detected that you've been assigning either too many positive, or too many negative, antipoints lately. Your responsibility, as a member of the AntiOnline Community, is to assign positive AntiPoints to posts that are helpful or informative, and negative AntiPoints to posts that bring down the overall quality of our discussion forums.
    If you've only been assigning positive AntiPoints, it's time that you start letting the trouble makers know that their behavior won't be tolerated! If you've only been assigning negative AntiPoints, it's time that you thank other members of the community for their helpful thoughts and insights!
    Take a look at the "You Tend To Assign:" meter on the left hand side of this page. It will show you in which direction you've been over assigning. Remember, your goal is to get the meter to be as close to dead center as possible.
    If you ignore this message, and continue to be unbalanced in the way you assign AntiPoints, the system will reduce the impact that your assignments have on people.
    Once you've achieved balance (or close to it), this message will go away.
    I got that when I signed on today, yesterday for the first time in my couple months under this nick assigned positive AP points to someone, because in general, I just dgaf about them but felt this person was getting ragged on for doing their work. Anyway...today I log in, and get that message, and I've assigned points once lol I'm not going to neg someone so the system is happy...


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    Its been like that for a while another ****ing useless feature maybe JupMedia can get rid of old anoying myagi (SP ?)

    another thing i couldnt post a quick reply to this thread could any one else or can anyone else ??

    edit because the code tags were used i dint scroll far enough across for me to see the submit reply button i must be stoned
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    Test for prodikal:

    This is a quick reply.


    Seems to have worked prod.

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    I can. It's just that Star****er's post is so wide..
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    For all future posts could we please just leave the size of my post out of this? Tx...geesh...some things should be sacred, like my girth


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