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Thread: command vs cmd

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    command vs cmd

    Ok, i'm running windows xp pro. I use the command line a lot to do various things. Occasionally I noticed that when i hit the up arrow to repeat the last command, it wouldn't do anything. Then I figured out why. If you go to start, run, then type cmd, you can recall previous commands within the command prompt with the up arrow. If you type command instead, it will not recall the previous commands. Aren't cmd and command the same command prompt? Are there any other (more major) differences in the two? I didn't even know there were two...

    Any input?
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    With command.exe if you type doskey that will enable a history of commands to start. cmd.exe probably has that enabled by default.

    cmd.exe is the 32-bit version of the 16-bit command.exe (aka DOS)
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    cmd.exe is the 32-bit version of the 16-bit command.exe

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