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Thread: Important Warning Regarding This Section

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    Exclamation Important Warning Regarding This Section

    AntiOnline community members can use this section of the site to post code for sharing. The goal of this section is to allow members to read this code for their own education. It is not offered as a download site. It is for sharing and discussing programming techniques that are socially acceptable. Code designed for illegal activities of any type are not permitted.

    * Be extremely careful when trying this code. These programs have not been checked for quality or purpose. They could contain malicious code.

    * Post at your own risk. This is a public forum and your code will be freely available to anyone for any use imaginable. Do not post code if you intend to have it protected by copyright.

    * Do not assume this code is free for re-use. The person who is posting the code may not own the copyright, or may not have the right to offer it for review.

    * If you find code that you believe is malicious or could cause damage, click on the button Report which appears on that message. This will alert moderators who will review the code and remove it if, in their opinion, it violates the spirit of this forum.

    - AO Moderators

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    Very Nice I have to definately say Thank You.

    Much needed Forum.

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    Now that's what I would call a quick Management Decision

    Well Done
    Computer says no
    (Carol Beer)

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    Intmon: I'm sorry.... Did we wake you up? Or was today a policy meeting day????

    Thanks, good call.....
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
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    awesome...so basically this new forum can be viewed by all and it is a place for me (and others ) to post their code and ask for suggestions? Damn wished we had this a long time ago...it will be very helpful thank you intmon!
    Support your right to arm bears.

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