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Thread: controlling user access xp

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    controlling user access xp

    I just got xp pro, I have the admin account and my mom has a user account with limited access.

    She cannot play any of my games when she is on. It says "must be run with an acount with administrative access".

    Ive searched google with no luck, I have gone into my group editor, software policies, and access rights, but cannot seem to find the setting to alow her access. I don't want her to have admin acess but I do want her to be able to play the games.

    my drive is a FAT32 and running Xp pro SP1

    is anyone familiar with this?

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    You could add her to the power users group, I'm not sure if that would be what you want. She might still not be able to play the games, but it is not quite as powerful as the administrative account. I'm waiting for my brother to get off my xp pro box so I can examine the options. I will edit this post after that.

    I was just using the group policy editor(type gpedit.msc in the run prompt) and under
    Computer Configuration>windows settings>security settings>software restriction policies
    I have nothing defined, and I'm thinking that you have something defined there.
    Just check that out and report what you have or see if you can configure it to work.

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    Although I don't run XP Pro, from watching The Screen Savers and other fine programming on Tech TV, I've come to guess that Windows Policy Editor can probably do what you want..

    Start -> Run -> "poledit"

    *Don't include quotes...


    BTW, what games? Most new games, when installing them, have an option wether to just allow the person installing the game to use it or everyone... try re-installing the game if its a newer one..
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    Games require direct access to certain things, e.g. memory sectors, hard disk drive sectors, processor functions. Most games will not function at all under a 'limited account'. There is no easy way to remedy this problem. With windows xp pro, you will, more likely than not, have to give her administrator access if she wishes to play games.

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    I used h3r3tic's sugestion to add her to power users group, I did and it worked, she can now play games.

    I did not know about power users, so I had to google search it, and found instructions there, here is a screen shot, I just double clicked and added her in.

    Got the user manager with Start> Run usermgr.msc

    Thanks everyone for all your help.

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    well check mine out ,
    i am using a user account and i want to do the games with out the knowledge of my admin ( i am in a college) any bright ideas !!!

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    Yes tejaswyappalla, I do:

    Don't do it! if your admins are any good, you will be caught and be in big trouble. If you are not allowed, there will be a reason, this is usually available resources?

    If you all played games on the college system, there might not be enough resource for people who wanted to use it for what it is really provided for?

    If you act furtively or stealthily, people will assume that you are up to no good?

    Take care

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    Be very careful about getting into your collage computer without thier permission. You maybe looking for a new place to live soon. Be safe.


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