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Thread: It's gone

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    It's gone

    I think my comp running my webserver for the site in my signature just died. Actually, I know it died. It won't turn on at all anymore. I had posted a while back about my harddrive failing. I have two of the exact same computers, and this is the second one. So now I have had two failures, one with each computer. This just sucks, I could have lost my whole site. What do you all think it is? If the computer just shut off and won't turn on would it be the power supply. If so, Maybe I can just take out the hd and put it in the computer that still runs and keep my site going. This really sucks. Anyone have a reliable computer they want to give away? Just looking for opinions. Am I screwed?
    Thanks for listening.

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    It could be a few things. I dont think a HD failing would stop it from booting though, BIOS should still be there at least. Im no hardware guru but im thinking this may be something to do with power. oh yea, make sure you have all of the plugs plugged in properly. youd be suprised how many people accidently pop the cord out and forget. if you have another box, stick the hd in it and boot it up, that should take care of any suspicion about it ebing the drive.
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    Sounds like a power supply problem to me. I had a comp crash a couple months back because a power supply failed. My advice would be to not use those power supplies anymore, as they may fry anything that gets plugged in to them. That's what happened to me. But I can't see how sticking those drives in another computer would hurt them pr the computer at all. Even if they are dead, you might be able to recover some or most of the info on them with recovery programs.

    In short, throw the PS's out. It's not worth the cost of them for the risk of frying anything else.

    Sorry about your luck
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    I think it is just because these two Identical computers are old. It's too late to mess with it tonight, but tomorrow I will put the hard drive in the other computer and see what happens. I'm going to predict that it will boot up just fine, but I could be wrong. I just don't think it was the hard drive screwing up because I get no response whatsoever when I try and turn it on. I think the power supply is just dead.

    disregard that. So I'm messing with the plugs and trying to get it to turn on. I switched the plugs and it still wouldn't turn on. Then I remembered that The little light from the nic card is always on even if the computer is off. So I checked that and sure enough it was on. So I pulled the plug and it took like five seconds but it went off. So I knew that at least some things were getting power. Then I heard a little noise when the light went of like the computer had shut off. So I plugged the power back in and poof, the thing comes to life. I don't know what the **ll happened. But it works now. I guess I should do a backup or something because I don't think that my comp will last much longer. Thanks for the help.

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    just open the damn box check for the power chord if u find a tester try if the power is coming if not then check for any mouse bites in the wire . as far as i suspect it is simple power chord failure fix it and as goood as new!!!

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    Don't you just love that. I had a system that kept giving me a cmos error at post and I couldn't fix it. Finally I just unplugged it and went to class. When I came back, I plugged it in and bam, good as new. There should be a chapter at the end of every A+ book titled "Lucky Fixes."
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    U shoul check the power supply's fuse! It could be screwed.
    Usualy you can easely replace it with a new one!
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    Might I suggest that you give both boxes a good clean?.......they are "old" so check that you have good airflow and the fans are working properly, and are free of dust/fluff/lint.

    Things that stop and start, frequently have some sort of temperature problem?

    You might also check the temperature cut-off in your BIOS?

    I am afraid that you may have a "dry joint" problem (damaged soldered connection) these can be very unpredictable, and cause intermittent faults.

    Also check the wiring in the plugs if they are not of the direct moulded type (sealed)

    Good luck

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    I have had this very same problem with computers here at work and I have narrowed it down to the fact that the power saving features are what is causing the problem. If the bios has the features enabled and windows does not it can cause the computer to go in to standby mode but because windows didnt tell it to go in to standby mode it will not come back out of standby when you press a key or the power button. I have found the only way to get the computer to work again is by removing any power source from it and letting it turn itself off. This happens more often with laptops here than anything but our desktops do it as well. Not sure if this helps or not but this is what has resolved our issue here. Go in to bios and disable the power saving features! I am sure some may disagree but this is my opinion. :-)
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    Don't you just love that. I had a system that kept giving me a cmos error at post and I couldn't fix it. Finally I just unplugged it and went to class. When I came back, I plugged it in and bam, good as new. There should be a chapter at the end of every A+ book titled "Lucky Fixes."
    Actually... thats one of the things I try now....

    I was working on a box and switching out video cards. I was testing out about 6 or so of them that I had collected over time. Well, around the 3rd one or so, I forgot to turn off the PC before pulling out the card.

    Sure enough... the PC shut itself off.

    For 2 hrs, I messed with it and messed with it.

    Finally, I unplugged it and went for dinner.

    After I got back, I was going to put a different PS in it, but decided to plug it back in.

    Poof... came right back up.

    Its been running ever since... probably the last 4 months without a reboot or anything.
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