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Thread: Kazaa

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    Ok First.

    /me staples the creator of regular Kazza's nuts to his desk.

    Ok now that, that is done. I am free to explain.

    I did a look around and didn't see anything on this. So here goes.

    On regular Kazaa when you uninstall it. It leaves part of the Program on your Computer but the part that is left is in a form of a Adware you will come accross but annoying. Now this Adware basicly blocks all access to 80. Which is a real pain cause I got to get my daily amount of new porn.

    Now the problem is that Your AV won't see it. It won't I have tried. AVG, Norton and one other. None of them saw the damn thing. Now I have been told there are adware removal programs that will find it and delete it.

    So I had to do a little bit of search and rescue. I looked in the bottom corner of IE and I was getting a Message that said res//c:\windows\system32\shdoclc.htm

    That is off of memory so it isn't exact.

    But I did a search for a while and found many problems with it. Then I finally remembered that I had recently uninstalled Kazaa. I did a search with that and Low and behold.

    What did I find.

    Now to uninstall this you have to run a program. Hopefully it uploads correctly I have been having trouble uploading.

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    Should have used Kazaa lite+
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    Actually I grabed Kazaa for the hell of it. Like the day after I went and grabed K++

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    plz gimme back my good old napster -to the music companiesof th us

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    Isnt kazaa lite+ only a tool for a company to get peoples ip adresses if they copy illegal music?

    You shoul also try limewire, winmx and direct connect

    sux=>[gnutella\bearshare] But they are ok for music!
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    Kazaa and negs seem to go hand in hand eh.

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    Re: Kazaa

    /me staples the creator of regular Kazza's nuts to his desk.

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    whizkid2300 .. What exactly is this program, you've uploaded, suposed to remove?
    what is its source..ie where did it come from..?

    What was wrong with Spybot S&D, Adaware v6, etc etc...

    As for the file
    that is a standard windows file.. it is the html file that basicly says "I coulnd't find shite" .. this is very common with Winsock corruption.. some other spyware are renound for this..

    Try this link to start off:
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    Undertaker when I looked around it didn't see anything for any of those programs. I didn't even have them installed. I had them on a CD that I downloaded. Now the file that I uploaded. Basicly it uninstalls all new.net apps.

    I got it during a search give me a sec. and I will see if I can find the string again.

    I wasn't doing it on my Computer so I have to remember it from memory.

    Oh yeah I know it is a standard string now. Basicly the string is the one that is printed on your screan whenever a server can't be found.

    Your going to have to give me a sec to find it. As I said it took me a little while to find it the first time.

    I have already uninstalled and everything. I was just giving a small warning.

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    Originally posted here by tejaswyappalla
    plz gimme back my good old napster -to the music companiesof th us

    Here it is.....


    Now available for signup and download!

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