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Thread: Kazaa

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    I know that spybot v1.2 and fully updated clears the winsock prob from one of these parasites.. I think it was new.net as you said.. currently 2000miles from my normal comp..

    note .. spybot s&d is the best that I have used when removing this stuff.. have to do another side by side with adaware again.. just to compare..

    Your ok with the other..

    BTW: Please excuse my suspicion of the file you uploaded

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    I like Kaza Lite ++, or Shareza is pretty nice too. It [shareza] taps into a few P2P networks allowing for increased search results and better quality. I do not like Napster because I while I dl music, I use P2P more for dling $100+ apps such as VC++, .NET, etc... If only Windows was like *nix, 90% free apps.


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    PeerGuardian is a good program... it runs as a standalone program, but is designed to run with p2p programs, it blocks ads, and stops people from Identifying your IP address

    ... mm, now back when i remember AO, p2p programs were shunned on and everyone would have been negged by senior members like myself (see link in signature) but.. well, a change of management seems to change more than meets the eye.


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    Re: Kazaa

    Originally posted here by whizkid2300

    /me staples the creator of regular Kazza's nuts to his desk.

    I don't know about the creator of Kazza, but I know the CEO is a woman. She looks like she has nuts though, so you may be in luck. Lol
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    makes me want to

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    HA HA HA !

    You mean Nikki Hemming !

    watch out ! Nothing like a woman with nuts!


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