Option Explicit
Option Base 1

Private mName(3) As CName
Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim x As Integer

x = 3

Set mName(1) = New CName
Set mName(2) = New CName
Set mName(3) = New CName

With mName(1)
.fname.FirstName = "Jackie"
.lname.LastName = "Chan"
End With

mName(2).name.FirstName = "King"
mName(2).name.LastName = "Kong"

mName(x).name.FirstName = "Donny"
mName(x).name.LastName = "Zorro"

Print mName(1).ffnFullName
Print mName(2).ffnFullName
Print mName(3).ffnFullName
End Sub

'Class Modules

Option Explicit

Private mName As fullname

Public Property Get name() As fullname
name = mName
End Property

Public Property Set name(ByVal Nm As fullname)
mName = Nm
End Property

Public Function fname() As String
fname = mName.FirstName
End Function

Public Function lname() As String
lname = mName.LastName
End Function

Public Function ffnFullName()
ffnFullName = fname & " " & lname
End Function


Option Explicit

Type fullname
FirstName As String
LastName As String
End Type

Please tell my the problem, I've it in afew way..... I can't recognize the problem