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    Not really a bug, but the keyloggeer archtung on this site contains a trojen virus.
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    I hate to repeat this... but:

    Quite a few files in the downloads section contains viruses and trojans.

    Not to mention they are pretty old... not the best resource really.

    Cool to mess around with on some spare boxes... but I wouldn't be doing that on your good boxes.
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    You right its not a bug. Hell if you've ever run it you'll notice that it appears as a password cracker or some other program like that. So clearly this would put it more into the trojan catagory.

    I think most of the downloads aren't even originally from this site... they were just randomly scooped up then archived from what I remember for some reason JP and other members had a bit of a habbit of collecting malware of various sorts. LMAO

    I don't think your the first to complain about this either. I think AO should just have programs from fellow AO members then have them heavly scaned and then achived in the proper catagory. This should have been done a long time ago. Either that or just get rid of the damned thing I mean who the hell uses it anymore?

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