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Thread: An Acre of Land on the Moon

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    Talking An Acre of Land on the Moon

    An Acre of Land on the Moon

    I was wondering , if I could go to the moon one day, would this be valid ?

    Now you too can own your very own acre of land on the light side of the moon, join the likes of Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise; the original cast of Star Trek and two US ex-presidents. So what do you get for your £19.99?.

    Lunar Deed, which confirms your registration of the one acre of the moon and gives the co-ordinates of your plot.
    The Lunar Map so you can see where, on the light side of the moon, your property is located.
    The Lunar Constitution and Bill of Rights which details the Lunar laws, your rights, and of course, the all important laws of THE BIG CHEESE.
    A transcript of the Declaration of Ownership. This is the document filed with the USA and Russia along with the United Nations General Assembly in 1980 in which Dennis M. Hope - The BIG CHEESE - first laid claim to the Moon.
    A document confirming you have Mineral Rights to your land.
    Postage paid registration Card.
    This all comes in a slick Moon Estates gift pack, which makes this a wonderful and unique gift.

    Note: The Lunar deed comes blank, the recipient then fills in their name and sends off a pre-paid registration card which completes the legal process.

    Once you have got your acre of land on the moon you can get a picture of it from the Clementine Lunar Image Browser


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    Wow I can't believe I could live to see the day where people are actually buying land on the moon. Eh well looks like i'll be homeless . I wouldn't think this would be valid because it's everyone one's moon no just who owns it. I mean if you own a piece of the moon and decide to blow it up you could have a major impact on probably the universe or atleast earth. huh maybe it's it legal buy an acre and put it up on e-bay lol.

    Very entertaining article but I think it's way to soon for something like that to be happening.

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    Well the guy sent his calims of ownership to the US goverment and to the UN, no one contested his claim so its his and he has a right to sell chunks. Now will he be able to protect that claim if some nation decides to take the land...probably not
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    If this is the same guy I know (not personally) he's already made a few millions and no one will be settling the moon in our life times so.... he setting pretty I think. Funny isn't it?
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    Exploiting what he calls a loophole in the 1967 Outer Space Treaty -- which forbids nations, but not individuals, from appropriating the moon and other celestial bodies -- Hope has quietly sold parcels on the moon to some 300,000 people through his Rio Vista, California company, Lunar Embassy.
    Source HERE
    Of course, to call the legality of selling off the moon -- and the planets, since Hope claims to own those, too -- a legally gray area is an understatement. To his credit, Hope said he has pursued every avenue to ensure the legality of his business
    Who Knows???
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    Hmmmm, me might just go out and purchase an acre.
    I will grow all sorts of things on it.
    I will aso build a Farm house and let my Cattle wander the country side..
    I will then move there myself, and be a neighbour from hell.
    So that i can have some piece and quiet from the Hussle and Bussle of the City..
    Even if you went to the country side to get some peace and quiet, you still carn't..
    You got all those over happy farmers, who smell of Pot, medling in your private busineess.
    So i guess the Moon is the place to be...

    Anyhow cheers

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    That dude does not know what he is talking about... I own the Moon. That's what my Mother told me. I should sue him.
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    Actually its a pretty good money making scheme although once we begin settling on the moon it is quite obvious that his claims will be disputed and ultimately beaten.

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    I've got my deed.. it's on the dark side of the moon near pink floyd's 200 acre plot.

    You just won't believe how massive their generation/filtration - /oxygen/water system is..

    I'm heading back there in a few months.. come on I'll give you a ride..

    first just take this [pong] PILL [/pong]

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