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Thread: True or False?

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    True or False?

    *~* Modifying Your Cable Modem To High Speeds *~*

    First, u need to goto Start, then run. Type in regedit in the box.
    Next, goto the folder
    Now, find the string DefaultRcvWindow.Now, edit the number to 64240
    then restart your computer. There you go. High speed cable modem now
    with out dloading a program.
    I came across this on a website and I wondered if any of you knew if there was any truth to it's claims. This seems almost too good to be true. Anyone know anything about this, and is this even legal?

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    Yes and no. It's legal because you are modifying your own machine to handle broadband connections, apparently better. So you're not modifying the modem but rather how Win9X/ME handles the broadband.


    As to whether you'll really see speed gains.. well... You might see some but I doubt you'll see huge differences.

    edit: This 2nd link might be more helpful: http://www.beemerworld.com/tips/cabletweak.htm
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    Thanks for the information Ms.Mittens, it did help out.

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