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Thread: Symanec Internet Security Threat Report Vol IV

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    Symanec Internet Security Threat Report Vol IV

    Symantec released the bi-annual Internet Security Threat Report Volume IV.

    With over 20,000 sensors monitoring network activity in over 180 countries, Symantec has established one of the most comprehensive sources of Internet threat data in the world, giving Symantec's analysts a superior source of attack data from which to spot important trends. These trends educate executives about potential threats and exposures, and using the data can help them identify weaknesses in their own security architecture or policies.
    • 80% of all vulnerabilities discovered are
    remotely exploitable
    • Web application vulnerabilities up 12%
    • Attacks are being released faster
    • Areas to watch for new vulnerabilities:
    – Integer error
    – Timing analysis
    – Microsoft Internet Explorer
    – Microsoft IIS
    You can download the report at this link: Internet Security Threat Report IV

    It is free but you do have to fill out some registration information to get it.

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    Sweet. Thanks for sharing.

    They wanted all kinds of info... of course.. you don't have to put in your real data...

    I did it so everyone else doesn't have to. There is not much I dislike more than getting junk mail an d marketing calls... Thank goodness there is the google toolbar autofill
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