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Thread: Power Mac 7200 giving bad picture

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    Power Mac 7200 giving bad picture

    I'm refurbing a couple Power Macintoshs at work and one of thems giving me a bad picture kind of like the monitor cant handle the resolution. I've tried different monitors low resolutions, trading Vram with the other macs and swapping DIMM ram. When i leave all the Vram out and just try and use the on board Vram I get no picutre at all. Power Macs. Anyone got 5ki115 in it?
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    Maybe it doesn't like funny spelling?

    Seriously, I have not worked on a Mac for some years now, but the symptoms you describe seem somewhat "generic"?

    If you boot a PC into safe mode you will get that sort of problem. In NT4 you get a startup option for SVGA or VGA mode. Chose VGA, and you will not get the same resolution as SVGA

    I have forgotten the Mac terminologies, but somewhere in startup/settings (BIOS), I suspect that it has been set to use an inferior type of monitor/graphics card/graphics memory, or a smaller amount of graphics memory/share.

    Anyways...............you seem to have tried just about everything else

    Good Luck

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    And shouldn't this be in...... Tada..... Tadadadada.....


    Krimlin: This forum is "MAC security discussions"

    What does your fuzzy monitor have to do with security???????
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    I think you need to be more organized with your questions.

    If you describe the system information a little more you will receive better response. It is literally impossible to do anything but guess what your problem is with the info you provided.


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    I know its not a hardware problem but this is the only mac specific forum. sorry. Dont know why you gotta throw around negs like that though man.
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