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Thread: Entourage X with Exchange update. Need help with GAL

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    Entourage X with Exchange update. Need help with GAL

    hey guys, what's up? In Outlook for PC's, you can view the entire GAL list when looking through it for an email address. Is there any way to do that with Entourage X? I haven't been able to. What I can do is search for names. Any clues/

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    Originally posted here by Chris_Z
    If nobody answers it's because:

    1) nobody cares
    2) nobody knows the program you are talking about
    3) nobody understands your question
    4) the right ppl didn't read it yet.

    Just relax and wait a few days. Not everyone is here all day every day
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    Ok, I'm not a MAC user, but:

    Let me get this str8... Entourage X is a client similar to outlook. You can use the exchange update to connect to an exchange server.

    Directory service
    Quickly locate e-mail addresses by searching the Exchange global address list (GAL).
    You are asking how to do it?

    I can't find any good manuals online... so you're probably going to have to dig yours out, or use the help files (mostly useless when it comes to updates).

    They cover several issues there... but not a step by step setup for using Entourage X with exchange.

    Maybe you have to rebuild/reconfigure your profile if you were previously setup for IMAP/POP3. I know with Outlook... if you set it up as "internet only" and then want to connect to an exchange server, you have to rebuild the profile. (outlook 2000 anyway).

    You also have to make sure that IMAP is enabled on the exhange server... as MAPI is no longer supported.

    Sorry... I don't have access to a MAC to try any of it out... by maybe a point in the right direction?

    After looking into it a bit further... it looks like that application is a peice of sh17!
    http://www.tcdv.com/issue8/newsletter.htm those are some customer reviews. Not a single good one in there...
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    I have installed the 10.1.4 update for Entourage. I have no problem connecting to the exchange server. This is my problem:

    With Outlook (PC) you can click on TO and it will list ALL the employee's in the company.

    With Entourage, it does not do that. You can only do search's for people's email addresses.

    Is there any way to browse the GAL in Entourage like you do in Outlook?

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