attack of the scriptkiddies
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Thread: attack of the scriptkiddies

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    attack of the scriptkiddies

    so I'm on irc tonight (like any other nights) and came across this....

    so for $300 i could be an ub3r 31337 #4x0r? people seem to be using this. Ive noted a channel on newnet aswell as a few orther networks. All with around 10-40 bots. coments on this one are welcome.

    heres an ad line from one of the bots..

    <[security]wAREZ-BOX> :::: NetSEC IRC's ONLY 100%, Completely Automatic Scanner/Rooter ::::
    <[security]wAREZ-BOX> :::: ::::
    The internet, not just for stalkers and pervs, but for computer geeks too!

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    I think even my grandfather could figure out how to use that Well, although these programs are a necessary evil, let's just hope the price makes it hard to get for random using-my-mom's-AoL-powered-computer's script-kiddies.

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    A bit off topic but:

    In the freebies section they have protection tools for irc type applications.

    Thought this might be of interest to some folks?


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