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Thread: Optimum Voice - Is the future near?

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    Optimum Voice - Is the future near?

    I'm sure some of you that can get away from your screens to watch TV have started seeing Cablevision's Optimum Voice commercials. You can read some about it at there site http://www.optimumvoice.com

    I'm guessing it is a Voice over IP network. The service uses a special voice enabled cable modem which connects to your existing optimum online cable modem. So now you have your ISP, telephone, and television running through the same broadband connection. Add to the fact that lots of us use our brodband connections to listen to radio streams, and it seems that all forms of communication are coming through one broadband connection.

    What does everyone think about this? Quite frankly it concerns me a litttle. We all know how insecure networks can be, hell that's why we are here.

    Are we getting close to the scince fiction of the past? Will all of our communications come through one multi-purpose connection to our house? Will we talk to some multi-purpose box while we watch TV with our mother in the picture-in-picture window? And how will all of this affect security? If someone breaks into our network, will they have access to everything, our email telephone, tv watching habits? Are we putting all of our eggs in one basket?

    I just though it would be interesting to hear everyone elses opinions?


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    Actually if I am correct there is a big company I cant remember the name but they are working on home appliances, which will be networked. Or something like that if I am correct. Yes in a way I think that it's a bad idea. Imagine waking up during the night just to hear your stereo blarring sounds across your home. Or to all of a sudden get a huge credit card bill cause someone hacked into your wired tv and decided to order some po*no movies...
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