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Thread: Burning DVD to a CD-R.

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    Burning DVD to a CD-R.

    Have you ever wanted to burn a DVD but couldn’t because you didn’t have one of those high priced DVD burners. Well here is how you burn a DVD using your CD-RW drive and a simple CD-R. You will need to download Smart Ripper first you can do that at http://www.3dnews.ru/download/dvd/smart-ripper/. You will also need DVDx which you can get at http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/downloads/dvdx.html. The only other program you will need is VCDEasy which you can download at http://www.vcdeasy.org.
    If those links don’t work try http://www.vcdhelp.com or use a search engine.

    Using smart ripper
    · Open smart ripper (put DVD in drive first).
    · When smart ripper is opening there should be some automatic reading of the DVD drive and analysis of the data on the DVD.
    · A neat little interface will popup.
    · Settings:
    Target: this is a file name with a file specification browser button on the left side of it. Use this to specify the location of the file to be saved. Leave the name as vts_01.
    Stream processing tab: this is the tab next to the input tab. Click it to make sure “enable stream processing” was checked. In the “streams” list box, select the video stream ( it should say something like: [0x0E] video NTSC…), then with it highlighted click the “demux to extra file” on the right. Select the audio stream from the list as well. I have skipped all these other steps other than making sure “enable stream processing” was checked and have it work. Its up to you.
    Setting button: click this button to bring up some options. These you can leave except for one. You have two choices here. Either you can select “file-splitting, every chapter” or “max file size”. With “max file size” you should bring it up to at least 900mb. Leave the rest alone.
    Title-> program chain -> angle: select “program chain 1” then “ angle 1”. The time in the brackets next to it should be the same length as the movie length.
    · Press START buttons (it wont appear until a target on a hard disk with sufficient space is selected.
    · Wait a while (30 to 60min).
    · Another window should pop up and when done an OK box will pop up stating “rip complete”

    Using DVDx
    · Open DVDx
    · Go to “file-open”, then open the .IFO file created in the target directory specified in smart ripper.
    · Go to “setting-input settings” (if it doesn’t popup automatically). Specify anything that isn’t already selected.
    Audio: select the audio stream you burned. (i.e., English)
    Audio/video synchronization: make sure this is checked. Most of the things should already be checked so you wont have to worry about to much.
    Press OK. If you get some errors that is ok. Don’t panic! These are generally just warnings. I’ve always still been able to convert with them.
    · Go to “settings-output settings” resolution: select 352x240 for NTSC.
    Mode: select to change the video mode (none to leave as is on DVD).
    Volume don’t exceed: this is the size of the MPEG that will be created. Select 800mb if you will be using a 800md CD-R and 730mb for 730mb CR-R. if you wish to only convert specific chapters select “custom chapters” then “settings”.
    Next to “max frame” click “whole” then “apply”.
    · Here is the really cool part. Your movie will appear in the box in the middle and you can scan through it. NEAT!
    · When done marveling at the movie on your hard drive select “file-select output” and change the file name and location to your liking.
    · When you are ready click the encode button but be warned those conversions can take hours!

    Using VCDeasy
    · Open VCDeasy. If you get an ASPI error when you start VCDeasy then you need a new ASPI driver. Go to http://www.VCDeasy.org/moduals.php?n...id=cdrdao#ASPI and scroll down to “how to install/check ASPI drivers” or just search through http://www.vcdeasy.org
    · Select your CD writer from the “CD writer drop down combo box”.
    · Uncheck “simulate”.
    · Change the “volume label” to the name of the movie (or whatever you wish).
    · Select the location for the bin output file.
    · Next click “add files”. A common dialogue box will popup. Make sure to select only 1 of the .mpg files(if there is more than one). These are the two files created in separate parts no bigger than 800mb (or 730mb) that you specified in DVDx.
    · Now click “settings”.
    CD writer: your CD writer.
    Speed: 4x (this is a good speed that will not wear out your writer).
    Buffer: 64
    Force driver: click the “more information” link and you will be taken to a page that will give you the options you need to select according to your writer. Look up the needed setting accorded to your vender and model. This is a very important part. It is most likely you will be selecting “generic-mmc”, so you may trey it if you dare!
    · We’re almost done here. Insert a blank CD-R into your writer.
    · When ready click GO. It shouldn’t take more than the usual time it takes to write a CD-R
    · Enjoy your backed up movie!

    After taking All this time to write this tutorial I hope you guys find it helpful and also a good Tutorial. If you don’t like it let me know and ill remove it ASAP.


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    Nice Post.

    I'm going to have to try this one of these days.

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    Im pretty sure this is against AO's policy I am going to check.

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    you forgot to add "how to burn using Nero"

    Open NEro .... When the selection come up which CD to burn choose Vieo-CD or SuperVideo-CD .... then just choose the files you want and let nero convert and burn them ... wmv file not supported... here are the steps in a more understandable way .....


    more results and explanations ---


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    Well i couldnt find it so who knows.

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    DVD2SVCD is another extremely good dvd type program, a normal lenght movie takes a couple of cd's, longer ones like lord of the rings would probly take 3 or maybe 4 if you wanted high quality

    the complete tute and software is available at www.dvdrhelp.com

    this is a really good program, simply follow the steps in the tutorial outline at the site and you can get an svcd with quality just as good as a dvd, also use the cinema craft encoder (you'd need to patch it) or otherwise use tmpeg, but CC is the better one to use, the quality you get from it leaves tmpeg wondering whats going on

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    Originally posted here by fl34bit3
    Im pretty sure this is against AO's policy I am going to check.

    AO has a policy against someone telling me how I can "back up" my DVDs without buying a DVD burner? And here I thought hackophreak56 was posting useful information.

    Did the MPAA or the RIAA buy out Jup Media or something??
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    Just FYI
    www.doom9.org for ALL your video needs (for some reason down at the moment, 4:33 am gmt -5; 7-25)

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    I guess Bob is talking about this AO tutorial has little to do with computer/internet security. But then there are 3 tuts or so about flash. Well at least it has to do with computer (software, multimedia, ...).

    Peace always,
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    hackophreak56 great tut. A bit hectic and time consuming to back up DVD's that way but it surely bits the high prices they have for DVD burners.

    Great find.

    - The mind is too beautiful to waste...

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