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    Well, i was just sifting through some old threads, and a found a lot of newbies gettting negged for posting like, 5 months after most discussion in the thread stoppped. my suggestion is that AO have some 'autoclose' function, where if there are no new posts in a thread for a certain amount of time (3 to 6 weeks?), it is automatically closed without the need for a moderator. this would save a lot of newbs from being negged just cuz they didn't look at the date of the last post (neg the newbs for other stuff )

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    I can see that as being a benifit. However, if somebody wanted to add more knowledge to a thread so that other people could use that knowledge if they found the thread in a search, they wouldnt be able to.
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    A thread doesn't have to be open to be found. A thread being closed just means that it cannot be replied nor can people receive APs (positive or negative). One of the things with autoclose would help is the prevention of newbies posting to threads that are a year or two old. It's when they do this that they often get negs.
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    Yes i gotta agree with the Auto close function, because when i first signed up here.
    I replied to a Post.
    And i thought that i was doing good because i posted some information about the subject that hadn't been written yet.
    And when i logged back on the next day, i noticed that i had recieved a few neggs.
    I quickly realised that i'd obviously done wrong.
    But me thinks that if the Thread did have that Auto Close function, then it would indeed benifet the neebies.
    As these sorta mistakes innocent or not would be stopped..


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