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Thread: Share your POW files in order to help bring an end to pop-ups!

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    Share your POW files in order to help bring an end to pop-ups!

    Hey guys i get a lot of pop-ups to i started to use pow (along with a different browser and google's pop-up blocker) but i still get a ton of pop-ups when i run certain applications. Anyways, i use POW and i know that a lot of other members here also you POW to help protect their computers from pop-ups. Anyways, if you go to Program Files->AnalogX->POW->pow.dat, you have a file of all the pop-ups you have currently set to being blocked. I just wanted to share mine because i have told POW to block a ton of my pop-ups and i dont want you guys to have to manually do they same thing i have done and gone through such pain. Anyways, here it is feel free to download it and put it in C:\Program Files\AnalogX\POW\pow.dat or whereever the proper location is...you could also just open it up and copy and paste everything in my file to the end of your file, i think that would also work fine Anyways, enjoy and DEATH TO ALL POP-UPS!
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    Strange, I use Google Toolbar and I get 1 pop-up max in a weeks. If you get alot of pop-up even when using Google Toolbar, I suggest running a Spyware cleaner!
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    I use the google toolbar as well and love it. As was said maybe 1 pop-week. For the sites in which you need to see a pop-up (like my mom checks her aol e-mail via there website and read mail has a pop-up) it is a single button on the toolbar that you can click to allow. I personally think it is great. Plus you have the search engine available @ all times without going to the site!! And who doesn't use google 95,000,000 times a day?

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    I am with SDK and hjack - Since I got the google toolbar I have pops up every once in awhile. I am not sure what you are running, but it sounds like you either have some spyware or you maybe looking at an abundance of porn haha


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    I don't use the google tool-bar and the only time that i will get that annoying pop up is when i go to one of those free webhosting sites, they are notorious for those annoying Pop ups.
    But i'll only really see a Pop up once in a Blue moon so to speak..
    Anyhow it is a funny subject though.


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    Well, some of them you'll have to clean manually anyway. Popups cleaners can help but some 'ads' you'll have to kill manually ...

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