Hi all,

I have an HP JetDirect 300x print server. I use it on my home lan just to keep it easy for people to print.

I was playing around with it a bit and found out that it has a ftp server on it.
I'm not quite sure of the size of the memory... but anywho.

I have setup a password on this, but it is still accessable to ppl who try to get to it.
(they can't copy/store files or make changes to the config)

With the username and password, I have stored/retrieved files from it.
I'm keeping them small becuase I don't know the memory size.

The services running on it (which I can't seem to disable... only password protect)

Port State Service
21/tcp open ftp
80/tcp open http
280/tcp open http-mgmt
515/tcp open printer
631/tcp open ipp
9100/tcp open jetdirect
Is there anything anyone can do with a JetDirect that I should be worried about?