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Thread: Dell Server Roboot

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    Dell Server Roboot

    Good Morning All.

    I have a Dell PE 2400 that reboots itself. Here's the strange bit. There is no memeory.dmp file. Checked to make sure the option is enabled. There is an indicator light stating there is a "hardware Falure" but no logs, software warnings, nothing. There must be something wrong since the server keeps rebooting but I can't figure out why.

    Kicks and giggles, I FDISKed the thing and ran a fresh install of 2000 server, Dual Xeon GB RAM. SCSI blah, blah, Blah. The only thing on this box is IIS (an Internal Intranet). Besides haveing to rebuild all the Damn Cubes for the pretty reports, the restoration went fine. Still the box reboots.

    Short of someone pressing the power button, Does anyone know what would cause a server to reboot and not write a memory.dmp file. Please exclude viruses. Virus scan did not find anything - and I FDISKed and the box is not back on the LAN. Still reboots.

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    well someone may have done mischieviou activity like copying rundll file in your startup folder or may had edited the autoexec.bat file just check it delete everything in autoexec.bat and chech the startup folder also check the registry keys in regedit and check the run ,runonce keys for any strange entries

    hope this may solve your glitch
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    I am taking a shot in the dark (forgive me if i sound stupid)

    have you coonected to the internet lately on this said system.
    you may have possibley caught the blaster worm virus

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    Another shot in the dark: Is it a multiprocessor system? I have a Dell PowerEdge 2300 with Dual 700's and it would reboot when one of the processors was dying. The machine would get bumped and it would reboot the system. (Because the processor became loose) I replaced the processor and it has worked fine since.
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