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Thread: XBOX2 to have a new processor

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    XBOX2 to have a new processor

    according to an MS pressrelease found via theregister here http://www.theregister.com/content/54/33741.html MS has ditched Intell and have gone with IBM for their new XBOX . This probably means a G5 varient, which would mean no compatibility with XBoX1 games. Add this t othe rumers of a Q4 2004 release and I see littel reason to ontinue to get XBoX1 titles.
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    Yeah, I work retail right now and we had some reps come in from XBOX on saterday which told me that the new xbox is going to be 2x the power it already is. It will be interesting to see how it will compair to the PS3 when it arrives in a few years. (Supposed to be 2005-early 2006, but some stats in our computer system say it may be sooner because of competition ) I wonder if Microsoft will try to monopolize the console gaming market.

    About the compatibility, the reps said it will be compatible with all current Xbox 1 games, but they didn't promise unlike the national sony sales execs I talked to a month ago who guaranteed future compatibility. Um, the proc changed ey? Was it really M$ that ditched Intel or was it the other way around? lol, NVIDIA and M$ ain't together no more for the xbox 2, something went bad there but I don't know what it was. I hear they will be going with an ATI card instead. Hmmm, maybe after Xbox 2 it will sink because there will be no major companies supporting them anymore! :P LOL, or maybe not.

    Just my cheap 2 Canadian cents. (Well, not too cheap right now, our 'loonie' is doing better than it has in what, 10 years? LOL)

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    Another version of this story can be found out here

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    What will they think of next...?
    Anyhow even though i don't won an Xbox for various reason's, i still think that it's gonna suck if they decide to make it so that you gotta by a certain console to play certain games..
    Come off it, if they do decide that then what are they gonna achieve other then forcing people to go out and purchase a second comsole just so they can play a game...!
    Now why don't they jut do what Sony did.
    That makes sense,. and i gotta agree that they Are and Will try and Monopoliz the gaming Console market.
    Geez we all know what Microsoft are like, just look at the Pc market, they Monopolised that and i doubt it if a company will be able to change it..
    But thank god there are Ps2's other wise i'd be one unhappy camper at the moment..


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