Hello everyone! This is the first time I've been on this site. I must say i'm pretty impressed. You will probably see me in here more often. The subject line kind of raps it up in a nutshell about me. I spend way to much time on the computer... well thats what my wife says. I say its not enuff. Here is a little about me. I'll start with my certifications.


And coming soon:

I have a double associates degree in Computer Science and Networking

My interests are security, computer, networking, and figuring out how to build someone elses product that cost $$$ for basically penny's (reverse engineering). I have been in the computer field for 10+ years. I started off repairing and building computers. Then moved to Networking and then on to security.
My job is really still my hobby even though it makes me money. I have turned half of my basement into a security testing lab. I like to catch 0-day viruses and hackers and - analyze what they are doing. Here's a few of the tools I use.
several IDS's - Snort and Cisco
Hardware Probes and various software sniffers
several decompiling tools
logging servers
blah blah blah
really there's to much to mention. Many of you will get to know what i use, the more i chat with ya. Anyways, I'm sure i've bored ya to death. See ya in the chat rooms.