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    Home page error

    Donno whether to ask a topic like this.In my comp , I am always getting unwanted home pages like lop.com,tjdo.com etc, despite i set all the time to Blank home page.
    Please say how to avoid those search engines and home pages.Thanks.
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    Basically, it sounds like you need a spyware remover/ad blocker.


    Lavasoft's Ad Aware is probably the most well known ad blocker I've seen. This Google search can help you find others if you would prefer something else.
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    Also I would install winpatrol. www.winpatrol.com
    With this installed it should ask you if you want your homepage changed each time something tries to change it.

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    Try the mozilla browser it's capable of stopping popups and other annoying stuff. It's also the best browser of the year 2003!!! Have fun.
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    You seem quite unprotected so you must get a firewall and antivirus, and keep them up to date.


    Try "Browser Hijack Blaster"...........................It could fix your problem.

    Sometimes this crap gets into the Windows Hosts file:


    Try "Host Administrator"

    Certainly go for http://www.diamondcs.com.au

    Get "Registry Prot"................................It helps if you don't let them in in the first place

    And: http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/index.html Get the "Hijack This" application.

    Do get "Win Patrol" from BillP Studios, as already suggested. Check out all its features, it does a lot more than protect the browser settings.

    Just a few ideas..........hope they help

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