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    Ya, I've been trying to download and install a keylogger for my comp (which is a Dell and i'm running XP on it). But for some reason there is always an error that comes up after i download it and try to install it. Its always an error that says something like cannot find. Like this one said, <header>File Error. < text> Cannot find VBRUN300.DLL And that happens on like all the ones that i try to do. Somethign to do w/cannot find. So is there somethign i'm doing wrong in the downloading process? If anyone can help, that would be great! thx.
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    Not that I am any kind of computer expert, but did you look to see if you have VBRUN300.DLL on your computer? It sounds like you have downloaded an older program that requires an older version of the VB library...

    Do a search on windows explorer "vbrun*.dll" (without the quotes) , and see what you come up with. If it's not there, do a google to find the proper driver, and install it in the same folder as the other vbrun.dll...

    But like I said, I'm no expert, that's just what I would do.

    Good luck

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    Here get it from here dude !



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    There are many free keyloggers on the net, try searching on http://www.download.com with the key keylogger.

    Good Luck,

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    groovicus is correct.....the keylogger you downloaded is too old for XP to run. Usually in these cases you can try to right click on the installation (exe) file, choose properties, click the compatibility tab and tell the program to "act" like it is being installed on an earlier version of Windows. Unfortunately that is not the case here...you are actually missing a file that is needed for the keylogger to work. Given that it is vbrun300.dll the keylogger is probably a 16 bit proggy so your best bet is to hit www.download.com and do a search for keylogger, then make sure the version you get will run under XP.
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    Try to install the Visual Basic Runtime files. Most VB apps require the runtime files.
    You can also decide to write your own keylogger and adjust it to your needs like I did.
    To read from the keyboard use the GetAsyncKeyState WinAPI. If you need some info about writing your own keylogger don't hesitate to ask me.
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