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Thread: How can query and find MAC addresses for all wireless devices on our WLAN?

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    pm me with the MAC's you have I can help you send I.P. address also

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    PM? this site is for sharing information, not for being a **** head.
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    Can't you just sniff for the arp's on the acces points with monitorports ?
    On some times you can retrieve the arp lists.

    I know it's possible, only never did the remote monitorports.

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    Do you use a single DHCP server for all WAPs? If so, you should be able to find all the MACs used in the leases logs...

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    We have WAP's as static. They seem to work better on static and we can keep up with them and their inventory better. And who is this guy that want's my MAC addresses and IP's have you all seen his nasty head pop up around here before? He seems to be leaning toward the dark side..................
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