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Thread: Is there an App to query a HD size, speed, make model etc?

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    Is there an App to query a HD size, speed, make model etc?

    I have been given another laborious task of identifying Hard Drive sizes, speeds, make, model etc., on all of our production machines. I would love to just Yank them out and read the drive label, but these machines never go down...... Does anyone know if there is a tool that can query this information? They are all new Dell Poweredge servers and the asset tags are outdated so they are no use........
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    Try Belarc advisor. It is free snd gives you info about everything on the comp
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    and aida32 is also very good.. from here...


    someone round here put me on to it (forget who)... actually I prefer it to Belarc but either should do the job

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