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Thread: Is there a way?

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    Is there a way?

    The issue is users with internet access checking that annoying little box that caches their password at the login for coworkers. This grants them access to the internet without actually giving out their passwords. The solution would be for a registry hack that clears the password and grays out the box. I've been hard pressed to get this solution to work, has anyone worked through this problem? I'm sure the answer is some where on this site but I can't find it.

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    A simple GOOGLE search for "password caching" turned up this...
    Disable password caching

    As in Windows for Workgroups, when logging on to an NT Domain, it is preferable to disable password caching. This allows for the single NT Domain login and eliminates the secondary Windows logon screen.

    It also eliminates the possibility of the respective passwords to get out of sync. To disable password caching on the workstation, a one-line addition to the registry needs to be made.

    To make the change, create an ASCII text file called DISABLE.REG with the following lines:




    Open a DOS box and type REGEDIT DISABLE.REG. You can also download the DISABLE.REG file. If you need to re-enable password caching, download ENABLE.REG and repeat the process just with the different file name.

    Contributed by C. Ramesh
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