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Thread: Copy protection question

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    Copy protection question

    I heard that DVD X COPY the dvd backup programme that the company is getting sued for breaching copyright laws aswell as many over dvd backup programme providers.I have a dvd burner and my question is if i went out and brought DVD X COPY now would it be much point?.
    I know DVD X COPY can get around encrypted copy protected dvds but if the DVD X COPY providers get sued can the RIAA tigten copy protection and make the programme usless or is it still likely that DVD X COPY will still be able to get around copy protection even in the future long after the providers have been sued?.I asked this question in a computer shop where they were selling this programme and the man said hes not quite sure if it will still be able to in the future but
    DVD X COPY 'taps' into the copy protection and gets around it.
    So what do u guys think will DVD X COPY still be able to copy dvds in the future long after the company has been sued?.

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    the question is:
    will there be updates for the program in the future
    (distributed in countries not signed these copyright contracts :O)

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    It is legal to copy DVDs and CDs in the UK provided that it is for your own private use, and you own the original. Obviously if you distribute copies, it is plain and simple piracy, which is what the Trading Standards people go round car boot sales and flea markets looking for. This is the real target of copy protection here. The view seems to be that if a private copy is made and given to someone, that someone is probably not interested enough to buy the product anyway? If someone buys a pirate copy, they have demonstrated a willingness to buy, so that is lost revenue?

    I am not sure what to call in this case, but the EU have legislated against printer manufacturers trying to protect their cartridges?

    I suspect that to "enforce" copy protection in the EU, the vendors would have to offer a "free" replacement service? like some games providers do.

    Obviously the software will work on "old" DVDs, but who would like to predict new technology?I would suggest that this is an area where you are going to have to upgrade/replace your software on a regular basis anyway?

    Just a few thoughts............it is actually a very difficult question, given the differences in copyright law and enforcement attitudes between countries.


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