I heard that DVD X COPY the dvd backup programme that the company is getting sued for breaching copyright laws aswell as many over dvd backup programme providers.I have a dvd burner and my question is if i went out and brought DVD X COPY now would it be much point?.
I know DVD X COPY can get around encrypted copy protected dvds but if the DVD X COPY providers get sued can the RIAA tigten copy protection and make the programme usless or is it still likely that DVD X COPY will still be able to get around copy protection even in the future long after the providers have been sued?.I asked this question in a computer shop where they were selling this programme and the man said hes not quite sure if it will still be able to in the future but
DVD X COPY 'taps' into the copy protection and gets around it.
So what do u guys think will DVD X COPY still be able to copy dvds in the future long after the company has been sued?.