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    Hero's Hoe's and Happy Meal Lovers, welcome back to another Episode of the Unuber-Uber.

    This time Our would be Hero gets himself into a little bit of a pickle. To many times on Hackerslab.org
    Has gotten our friend to believe that he is 1337.

    UnUber-Uber versus the Horny Principal

    Well today was just like any other day. I chilled on Freenode for a while. Then I go to Unerror to see just who
    acting like an idiot today. Well so far no one. Cool.

    So I go back to Freenode. and I see this nice little discussion about Dos. So I am happy I have been wondering how
    to Dos someone. So I keep listening and the say "The only way to truly run a windows dos is to do (c:/format). I hear
    that and I am really happy I start to think man, I can finally Dos someone. I write that down and save it for
    later when someone calls me a ****ing Kiddie.

    Well it's time to go to school. I really don't want to go today but I go anyway. Last time I didn't go my Mom
    slapped me like a 2 dollar Hoe. So I think, I will go today. Damn that bitch is mean. So I get to school to the Bus
    stop and I remember this Program some guy told me to get. Called "Etaarcuep" Or something like that. I downloaded
    it and burned it to a disk. Well I think I will see what it does today when I get to school.

    So I ask a friend and he tells me how to use it, and I set it up to watch the Principals Computer. So time goes by and
    nothing happens until, at some point I start seeing Packets with XXX on them, and Big Berthy. So I keep watching, and
    then all of a sudden the Lab Teacher grabs me back the Shirt, and starts walking me to the Principals office. Well
    I get there and the Principal asks what was going on. The Lab Tech tells the Principal that I was using some foreign
    program. That wasn't on the Network before.

    Well the Principal tells him to leave and he talks to me for a while, and then he asks what the Programs does. I say
    "Well it let me know about your Little Play Session you were downloading." Him seems utterly pissed. He storms out
    of the office and comes back 10 mins later with the Janitor holding the Computer I was on. So he tells the Janitor to
    Destory the Computer that I was on.

    Well the Janitor does so, and the Principal says to me "I want to how much info you have, and if you saved anything."
    I say "You'll know soon enough.

    So he starts to threaten to Expel me.
    I start laughing, he thinks I actually care if I get expelled.

    He waits for a while. Then says "I know what I will do, I will expel your GF, and keep you here for another Year."

    Now I am a little tired and pissed This guy is ****ing with my women. Oh no, you don't do that. That is a No No.

    So I start thinking of ways to get back at him.

    But untill then I tell him that I had one copy. He asks for it, and I give him a Disk that had my collection, of
    South Park Titles. Disk.

    He takes it and breaks it and half and then throws the thing in the Fire.

    I leave his office, and decide it is about time for me to get even.

    Will our Hero get even,
    Will he learn to program.
    Will he ever stop talking to himslef in Third person.
    and will He ever get Laid.

    I wrote that a while back but was feeling really sefl conscience so I deleted it before anyone got a chance to read it.

    Let me know what you think. Please

    If I get atleast 5 people to say they like it, as usual I will write another.

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    Hey Whiz nice little Story you got happening there...
    What are you thinking, of course you should make this a regular thing..!
    I know that i would like to read the next issue..
    Anyhow keep up the good work and hope to see the Next Part REAL soon..


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    Hey not bad I got a chuckle out of the begining "Hero's Hoe's and Happy Meal Lovers" hehehe I think you should write another one I wanna see what he does to get revenge

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    OMG first the BSAFM series then my branch off the BSUFM series now the Unuber-Uber series. I love it. BTW kiddies the next bastard user story is in the works i know its been a while but it will happen. And Wizkid you just might get bastardized

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    Alright can't wait for that one to come out I bet it going to kick ass like everyone elses

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    Yeah, i liked it alot. Make em longer, much much longer. I love good funny reads like that

    Well done. Keep it up.

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