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Thread: Laptop For Linux

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    Laptop For Linux

    Hi guys,

    I am going to buy a new laptop(money no objection) and I 've been thinking to use that laptop for Linux only (or I might going to put/install BSD sometimes) (yes no windows whatsoever).

    I've searched on this site (yes I've read FAQ and I've already used "search" utility from AO to finf information for linux laptop) and I've already check out on this website http://www.linux-laptop.net/ and if you guys don't mind I would like to know what is your laptop (for linux user) from Antionline members...

    Your information and advise will be important information for me, cause I've been saving money to buy a good laptop and I am going to use it for the next 3 years (at least)

    Thanks alot for your help

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    Personally, I'd use a Panasonic Toughbook (if money is truly isn't an objection). While costly these things take a beating and can be use pretty much anywhere (I have a demo'd one that I've been using for about a year and a half and was probably about a year or so old when I bought it). I haven't had too much problems with installing linux (save for a PCMCIA Card but that's a different story). The distros that this thing has had include RH 7.3 and Slackware 9/9.1.
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