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    What do you suggest is the best computer (laptop or desktop) for gaming? Tell me how much and where I can get it cheaper. Tell me how fast it is.

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    I don't know if brand is the determining factor here. You need to look at video cards and RAM and Processors. The new Dell laptops run a Radeon 7500 and can be fitted with up to 2 GB of RAM. Combine that with a P4 and a 15" screen and DVD. Kick Ass.

    Laptop sound always sucks though.
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    If you want the best computer for gaming, withought having to build one yourself, then look at Alienware.

    If Money is not an object, then I suggest the new pentium extreme processor coming out. It will be a bit expensive, I believe around 1000 dollars. I would suggest the Nividia FX line of Video Cards. at least 512mb of PC400 ram. SATA Hard drive.

    Look around a bit and see what you can't find.

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    Money is a big problem because I'm still in high school and my job only pays $5.95 an hour. Tell me what is the best, yet cheapest I can get.

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    Well that depends perive country/region and what you can spend.

    I recently bought a AMD AThlon XP 3000+ Barton , ASUS A7n8x deluxe mobo, 512 Mb ddr with 2 x 80 Gbs Ram and a geforce FX 5600

    but then again i'm not a hardcore gamer...

    You should get your wanted specs together and then put up a patient search to the cheapest store.
    For me it was in ******, Germany.. but I think thats a lil far no ?
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    I think you'd be better off building one yourself.

    Since money is a problem, the go with a AMD processor. I've put together a little list on prices for you. This would be a decent gaming machine

    Maxtor 80 gig 75$
    AMD 2800XP	141$
    400Watt case  68$
    52x32x52 CD-RW  45$
    16 x Dvd rom  38$
    Floppy Drive 15$
    Asus M/B	77$
    512MB PC2700 ram  84$
    MSI Gforce FX 5200 Video card with 128mb of ram 82$
    Total 625$
    Now you can trim down some more things.
    But that would be a decent machine right there.

    /edit you might want to thow 100 dollars in there for Windows XP Oem OS.

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    Where would I be able to get these items?

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    While the Nvidia FX is sure a good choice, the latest Radeon cards are faster.
    Make sure when purchasing mobo/mem/graphics that they match.

    I suggest either an Nforce2 based motherboard with two DDR3200 sticks and an Nvidia based grpahic card. Or you can go for a KT400 based motherboard with signle big DDR3200 stick and Ati based video.

    If you realy want to game, choose a top range videocard like the Radeon 9800 pro based or the Nvidia FX5800 based cards. Be warned: those are going to cost a lot.
    Every today game also runs on the midrange cards like the Radeon9200 or Nvidia FX5200.
    Next, memory is important if you want to overclock go with kingston HyperX, or OCZ, or Corsair. If you really have money and decide to go with a Nforce2 chipset choose Corsair TwinX memory. Garanteed dual channel at top speeds.

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    Originally posted here by deathmetal
    Where would I be able to get these items?

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    I am possibly the least competent gamer on this site, but, as a physically older member, I possibly have a larger number of family and friends who are into it

    My questions would be what games are you thinking of. They seem to drop into two categories? Those that want great video/graphics and those that want a lot of ram and processing power?

    Perhaps if you named a few of the current games you like it would help?


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