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Thread: Is this story about JP true?

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    Question Is this story about JP true?

    In the year 2000 is saw an interview on dutch television with JP, in this interview they said that JP WAS a hacker but then I found this article on attrition.org.


    John Vranesevich
    There is not much to say about John Vranesevich of AntiOnline that hasn’t already been said, but I think it is important to once again bring these facts back to life hoping others will listen and understand what others and I have been saying about Mr. Vranesevich for the last 2 years.

    John, as we shall call him from now on, has been a thorn in the side of the Internet community for over 5 years. While John has given us the stories of how he is interested in what the hackers have to say, he is quite the opposite. He alters the contents of log files of interviews with individuals and takes out of context what they say in order to portray a hacker as a typical reckless and unconscious teenager. John (or JP as we know him on Internet Relay Chat) has been labeled a “media whore” by many, if not all, of those in and around the hacking community.

    The best way to label John is a fake. His writing and editorialized stories on his website AntiOnline.com are not just false and nonfactual, but also lead one to believe that these individuals, these “hackers”, are individuals with no regard for anyone other than themselves. He writes controversial stories where there is no controversy to grab the reader and pull them into his own little delusional world. He manipulates people to make his stories seem more real and then retaliates at his critics insulting their integrity.

    John is nothing more than another individual looking for your attention, and he has gotten it. Television networks like ZDTV and CBS have interviewed him regarding us in the hacking community, but he is not one to tell that story. Another self-made media figure for all of you to admire. The hacker who came to his senses to no longer hack, but help the Internet community by reporting what he calls the facts and truths of what the hacking community is like. John is not and never was a hacker. In fact, talking with people who have known him longer than I have say he is an individual who always wanted to hack, but never could because he couldnt "cut it." His only contributions to the hacking community are those of falsities and lies.

    To us individuals in and around the hacking community, John has proven to be less than accurate in most if not all of his stories and therefore he is not trusted. Because John can no longer be trusted, we no longer give him information and to compensate he now makes up bigger and better lies to bring hits to his site. His allies in the hacking community are gone and his recent retreat from the support of the hacker community, becoming a government "narc", proves not only that he never did care about the cause we strive for, but that he only uses the hacking community for his own self-serving reasons. He is not interested in reporting factual information, but more interested in becoming a name you can tell your friends about.

    John is a self-righteous individual only out for his own good and satisfaction. Betraying you and us is the way is he going about doing that.

    This is my side of it. I am not a hacker, but a close friend of the hacking community. As a would-be UNIX and Network Administrator, I have to listen to the hackers and know what they know in order to secure and maintain the integrity of the servers on my network. I know that once my writing gets out, John will only insult me just as he has other people. He can call me names, insult my intelligence, berate my administration operations, and even insult my mother. This will only prove my point more.

    Thank You for your time.
    Please tell your friends about this page.

    MCSE, MCP+Internet, MCP
    Was JP really a hacker and does he know everything about security or is it like the story above. And why do they change the logo from "Hackers know the weakness in your system" to "Maximum security for a connected world" only to make it more commercial and less black-hat?
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    Everything said in that article can be taken however you want to. It's all a matter of opinion. As for the logo change of words, it's because Jupiter Media owns it now and not JP, so they decided to change it.

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    A lot of stories about JP are all over the place and has made is share of enemies as well as friends, however, this is not his baby anymore and has a new site called yoursincyberspace.com. So if you want to know if it is true, ask JP yourself. He hangs on his irc channel irc.yoursincyberspace.com

    Hope this helps.

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    This is old..
    there has allways been an attrition vs jp thing..
    do a quick search ( [Ctrl]+[F] "antionline" [Enter] ) and find all sorts of slander..

    This one from 6.7.1999 is the oldest a quick look-around found

    there are hundreds of weird-ass stories on that past news page at www.attrition.org
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    Great, now everybody has come out of the woodwork again to suck "good ole" Jp's dick again.


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    who really cares. I mean so what if what thay say is true. then agan who cares ifit is faulse.
    JP has built up comunities that people, many people are continuesly joining, and obviously are popular. Who cares what the media sayes or thinks about him. its only there oppinion, not every one elses.If you wish to know if it is true or not than why do u not go and ask him??
    in stead of posting retarded comments like /Armed\.


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    in stead of posting retarded comments like /Armed\.
    That's the irony of the century Nightfalls_Girl.

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    Sorry to hear about Tiger.......................been there...it isn't nice

    Good luck


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    WOW!!! I had the same question...unfortuneately when I asked JP he ignored me, and when I emailed him he ignored me, and when I posted on it I was negged. Simple way to put it: Noone has an answer so there is no point in asking. JP when he owned the site never cared to talk to me, the only talk I ever got from him was him telling me to get off his IRC channel so I'm not going to stick up for him BUT to be fair I WILL say that there is no proof going either way...Good luck and hope nobody gets mad at you just for asking a question...

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    So dont feel bad!
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