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Thread: Overnet -- Is it safe?

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    Question Overnet -- Is it safe?

    I came across a peer-to-peer program called "Overnet" that to download certain television episodes from a website. I haven't heard of the program before -- are there any major security risks with it?

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    Like this?

    eDonkey2000 and Overnet has been found vulnerable to a resource exhaustion issue.

    By sending malicious chat requests as different users it is possible to spawn new dialogs.

    By sending a large number of forged chat requests a large number of dialogs are spawned and will eventually consume all memory and / or CPU resources, rendering the system unuseable. "

    found here: http://www.secunia.com/advisories/8384/

    or: http://lists.insecure.org/lists/vuln...-Mar/0149.html

    Is that what you are looking for?


    Good luck!!

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    probably just the same as there are with other p2p networks.

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    As always the same words must be said... any P2P software used can be a HUGE security risk to your system/network. You're playing with fire because you don't truly know what exactly you are downloading from the other side. It could be what it says, or the net Melissa virus. Downloader beware...

    Happy downloading...
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    If you are going to use this P2P or whatever, will you please make an old fart very happy and visit:


    Take a look at the free security tools that they offer, and let me know what you think?


    AO Resident Old Fart ( self-appointed, but with loads of references )

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    Hahah. I think you mean an old sage

    P2P is a security threat but... if you scan everything you download with updated scanner amd have adware protectors you are pretty safer, if you know how to use them.


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    I use eDonkey, and it works fine, and it's based on the same thing (basically) as Overnet. It even uses Overnet's networks. I don't have any real troubles with it, and when I do, they have great forums to ask questions and get help at.

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    Using p2p proggies is a thing we all do, but i advise you to be carefull on the ones you pick. Search for spyware (but dont remove it unless you know how to do it, otherwise the proggie may not work). Always check for updates - if the firm who made the p2p you're using gives a damn about there users security they will provide the necessary updates everytime a flaw is discovered.

    The most common issue on p2p is "fakies". Watch out for kiddies trying to have you download 'enter.super.fil.name.here'.avi.exe/jsb and so on...

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    Ahem...... I smell pretty bad too you know......

    But I'm happy to give you a reference nihil..... Loke anyone is going to trust me.....
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