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Thread: I'm trying

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    Talking I'm trying

    I'm trying to sell a computer that i made a month ago.
    I'm not really sure on how much should i sell it for.

    It contains:

    DVD rom 1x
    CDRW 28x
    floppy drive
    40 gig smsunge hard drive
    256 ddr ram
    GeForce 2 video card for 64 mb
    Mainboard K7 Elitegroup ECS
    Hot tower black case w/ window on side with red + blue callered fan and a system fan
    2 more slots for cd rom drives left etc.
    aprox. 4 pci slots left
    2 back usb and 2 front
    No operating sys
    win xp 2200+ cpu
    was thinking on selling it for $899.99

    i'd like to here all of your sugestions please

    thanks a bunch peeps
    Daniil Usachev

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    Here i will give you 5 cents for it.
    Or you could just GIVE it to me maybe...
    Nah me thinks that a reasonable price would have to be an even $500.00 That sounds a bit more better, well that's how much they are selling these type's of setup's at a Computer Shop near me..
    But they come with a little more then what you listed..

    Anyhow cheers

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    All you need is

    What was the cost ? + The profit you want ? = Price


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    LOL that's a funny way of making a price Dr_Evil..
    I might try that next time i sell something through the Trading Post..
    Anyhow sounds like you got a nice little computer there Kick.
    Why are you selling it for..?


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    ooooo with so many things i think u r selling at that price in loss
    well if u find sombody, tell me
    Sometimes realitys are dreams we cannot live in.... (as my bst fren says) [/shadow]

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    I'm not good on the dollar/pound conversion, so I will have to try pounds for a start.

    If I am clear, you say you made this computer - does that mean you built it yourself? So no manufacturers warranty on the build. That knocks a big hole in the price.

    The spec would count in the UK as middling - similar to what you might pick up for GBP500, with some other freebies ( especially software ). It would probably not be put together as well as yours, but it would come with the manufaturers warranty etc.

    So I think you may be looking at GBP300 for it. Not because there is anything wrong with it, but because it seems like a non-standard build.

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    Originally posted here by Schrodinger
    So I think you may be looking at GBP300 for it. Not because there is anything wrong with it, but because it seems like a non-standard build.
    You are not far off the mark. I sold one last year about this time, with similar spec for 450.

    kickmybutt30, ensure that you give the buyer all the manuals and drivers, for everything you installed, especially as there is no O/S. You dont't want them coming back saying they dont have drivers, can't get this or that working etc

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