Hello fellow members of antionline.com. I have a serious promblem with one of my operating systems Windows ME. I have a Gateway Pentium 3 dual booted with Windows ME and Windows XP home edition. My Harddrive is 30GB I setup two partitions 15GB each. One for Windows ME(for my girlfriend) and the other 15gb for Windows XP(me). Now when I turn on my computer it goes through the BIOS settings, then it displays a screen given me a choice of either windows XP home edition or Microsoft Windows ME. I hit Microsoft windows ME then it displays the Windows ME screen. First thing that pops up is Ssdpsrv has caused an error in <unknown>. After I click close I got prompted for "Enter Network Password" I just hit ESC to by-pass it. Next it loads up my desktop. Then two seconds later it loads another error message Explorer has caused an error in <unknown>. I click ok it goes away, then I get this Rundll32 same message has caused an error in <unknown> I click ok it goes away, then it goes back to Explorer has caused an error in <unknown>. This time I click OK and my desktop refreshes and my taskbar has an address bar in it. Now I dont have any recovery cds or upgrades or full cds nor any floppys or backups. Both operating systems are fully up-to-date with patches and services packs, aswell as updated drivers,(thats uses them) windows XP, etc... both operating sytems have up-to-date AV software. I also have disabled cetain services to protect my system, such as UPNP (example), services I dont use. Disabled .WSH .VBS certain java settings modified all security in (IE 6.0) settings, both Operating Systems are running anonymous proxy servers, (multiproxy) also have software firewalls, on windows ME Zonealarm v. 4.0 and on Windows XP nortons 2003 firewall. Also both operating sytsems are using PGP V.8 for encryption. Have the latest spyware scanner. Plus I'm hooked up to a D-LINK Ethernet Broadband router with a built in firewall with its own set of rules. Also use COMMVIEW as my packet sniffer. And for all the people who say get Linux. I already have Linux RedHat 9.0 Dual booted with microsoft Windows 98se on a Huge full size Supero tower. Do you computer experts have any idea how I could fix this windows ME promblem for my girlfriend? All help is appreciated.